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Feeding My Addiction

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. Of course, it doesn’t do much good if you’re unable, or unwilling, to move beyond step one. I’m not proud of myself. Oh, wait…yes I am!

The craving struck me this morning, as it often does, to go book shopping. Naturally, I gave in immediately. This is the result.


Believe it or not, this is me practicing restraint. There were easily three or four more books I could have walked out with, but I didn’t. The books I chose, of course, were not only necessary, but perfectly justified. (shut up)

I’ve been eagerly awaiting The Domino Men since reading The Somnambulist. I’m contractually obligated to support my fellow Canadians, plus I resisted buying The Mystery of Grace in hardcover, so that means I deserve it now that it’s in paperback. This is The Very Best of Fantasy and Science Fiction. The. Very. Best. Enough said. Not only is The Best Horror of the Year 2 also The Best, it’s edited by Ellen Datlow, which makes it required reading. So there. (shut up)

And speaking of The Best Horror of the Year, Ms. Datlow was kind enough to give a shout-out to “A Mouse Ran Up the Clock” in her yearly summation. Woohoo!

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Step Right Up…

…and get your very own genuine, bonafide, electrified velocipede! Electric Velocipede #19 is now available for sale. Thanks to Jeff for pointing this out to me!

If you still need convincing (say, for some reason, my string of random adjectives did not seal the deal), you can read reviews of the issue here and here.

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Of Velocipedes and Electricity

Rich Horton posted his year-end summary of Electric Velocipede yesterday, and he picked A Mouse Ran Up the Clock as one of his favorites of 2009. Woohoo!


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Cheap as Free

If you’re a member of the SFWA, John Klima, with the help of Mary Robinette Kowal, is making issues 17/18 and 19 of Electric Velocipede available for your reading (and Nebula Award consideration) pleasure. Details are available on John’s blog. Even if you’re not a member, and you just want a taste of what’s offered in the current issue (#19) or any of the past issues, you can read excepts of each story on the Electric Velocipede website. Regardless of your membership in any organization, if you have a particular fondness for clockwork and alternate history, may I humbly suggest checking out my own offering in Electric Velocipede 19, A Mouse Ran Up the Clock? But remember, only the first taste is free…


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Saturday Stuff

Since I haven’t updated in a while, here are some things and stuff, in no particular order.

This is over a month old at this point, but I absolutely loved this installment of’s Saturday Morning Cartoons: “The Cat Piano” and “The Lighthouse Keeper”. One is beautifully noirish and dark, the other is light and whimsical, both are worth watching.

For those who are Active or Associate Members of the SFWA, and who are in to voting for things, the nomination period for this year’s Nebula Awards are officially open.

My short story, Fortune, which appeared in Fictitious Force #6 received an honorable mention (for lack of a better word) from Rich Horton in his year end summary of the magazine.

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It’s Electric!

I won’t be attending the World Fantasy Convention at the end of the month, but I’ll be there in spirit, and my words are going on my behalf. “A Mouse Ran Up the Clock”, will be appearing in Electric Velocipede #19, which is making its debut at World Fantasy. Check out the pretty cover and the table of contents over at the Electric Velocipede blog. If you happen to be lucky enough to be headed to the World Fantasy Convention, consider picking up a nice, shiny copy of your very own.

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Honorably Mentioned

Ellen Datlow posted her full Honorable Mention list for the Best Horror of the Year Vol. 1 yesterday. I was very pleased to see two of my stories made the list, Strange Fruit from Paradox #12 and Teeth from Horror Library Volume 3. The full list can be found here.

Looking at the list really brings home just how much work goes into these year’s best volumes, on top of all the other wonderful projects Ellen and other year’s best editors work on. It’s vaguely mind-boggling. Thanks, guys!

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The Children of Ramah

My short story, The Children of Ramah, is now up at the newly-resurrected Dark Recesses Magazine.

The faces of the dead watched him from every window; blurred photographs, black and white smudges that showed too-pale skin and haunted shadows where eyes should be. A curtain stirred and a frightened hand pulled away as a fresh frame was set to gaze sightlessly out at the street. So many lost and so many dead, and in the end there was very little difference – the missing and the dead were too often the same.

Read the rest over at Dark Recesses. And while you’re over there, check out Chester by Benjamin Kane Ethridge – suitably creepy.

In unrelated news, Bibliophile Stalker has a brief review of Cern Zoo – rhymey rhymey!


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Revisionsim Reviewed

The Internet Review of Science Fiction has a brief review of Revisionist History in their June issue. Overall positive, but not enough to garner a ‘Recommended’ rating.

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Blog for a Beer

Over at Fantasy Magazine, this Friday’s blog for a beer asks, “If you could choose one mundane household item to be your magic reviser, which item would you choose and how would you use it?” If you want to take part in the fun, inspired by Revisionist History, and have a chance at winning fabulous prizes, you can do so here. Just post your answer to the question in the comment thread at Fantasy, and next Friday, the editors will pick the winner.

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