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Awards Eligibility 2021

Tis the season! I’ve been gathering links from author others, editors, and publishers listing their award-eligible work published in 2021 for my annual Eligibility and Recommendations Link Post. Sometime next month, I’ll be putting together posts of my favorite reads of the year. But for now, I’ve put together a list of my own award-eligible work for the year. These works are eligible for all the usual awards (Hugo, Nebula, Stoker, etc.) in the categories noted below.


Wendy Darling CoverWendy, Darling, my debut(!) novel was published by Titan Books in June 2021. It’s a dark, feminist re-imagining of the aftermath of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, picking up with Wendy Darling as an adult with a daughter of her own.

There is a boy outside her daughter’s window.

Wendy feels it, like a trickle of starlight whispering in through a gap, a change in the very pressure and composition of the air. She knows, as sure as her own blood and bones, and the knowledge sends her running. Her hairbrush clatters to the floor in her wake; her bare feet fly over carpeted runners and slap wooden floorboards, past her husband’s room and to her daughter’s door.

It is not just any boy, it’s the boy. Peter.

When Peter unexpectedly reappears in Wendy’s life and kidnaps her daughter, Jane, Wendy must return to Neverland to rescue her, confront Peter, and reckon with her traumatic past. The story includes themes of found family, PTSD, queer relationships, mothers and daughter, and just how unsettling the idea of a boy who refuses to grow up is when you really think about it.


The Ghost Sequences is my third short story collection, released in October 2021 from Undertow Publications. As the name implies, this collection leans toward horror and dark fiction, with stories focused on ghosts and hauntings. The collection includes reprints and an original novelette, The Nag Bride. The collection received starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly and Booklist.


The Ghost Sequences CoverThe Nag Bride is an original novelette included in my collection, The Ghost Sequences. It centers on a young woman who must face her family history of violence when an ancient haunt returns to stalk her and her childhood best friend.

Weld marks cross the iron like ragged scars, and beneath the horseshoes there’s a folded piece of paper. Dirt sifts loose, trapped in its creases, as Sophie draws it out and unfolds it.

Detailed drawings of hands and feet cover the page. Her father trained as an artist – he’d met her mother at art school, where she was studying to be a sculptor. He’d even worked in medical illustration for a while, but together, Sophie’s parents fed into each other’s self-destructive habits, their talent squandered, uninterested in pursuing their art anymore and doing just enough work to pay for the next round of drinks, the next fix of their current chosen drug.

But even unused, Sophie’s father had retained his skill and Sophie has no doubt these drawings are his. Long-fingered hands and long-toed feet, a woman’s face, the skin flayed on one side to show the delicate bones of a horse’s skull. A woman’s hand splayed, the tips of each finger anchored with nails to a horseshoe.

At the very bottom of the page there are words: This is how the Nag Bride is wed.

Short Fiction

Apex Magazine CoverThe Amazing Exploding Women of the Early Twentieth Century was published in Apex Magazine in March 2021. Two actresses from the early days of silent trick films harness their inhuman powers to take control of their destinies.

Mary Catherine freezes. The reel flickers to life and a woman swirls across the screen in her lover’s arms, all dark curls and smoke-lined eyes, and the space behind Mary Catherine’s breastbone stutters. A shout of warning lodges in Mary Catherine’s throat. She’s halfway to reaching for the screen, as if she could save the woman who is far too lovely to burn. But her beau dances her backward and flames scale the woman’s dress, little hands and hungry mouths framing her face and her open, silent mouth, as prettily as her curls.

Jenny Come Up the Well published at PodCastle in April 2021 features a young woman coming to terms with her sexuality while being hunted by a preacher named Brother Justin who has dark powers capable of erasing her and those like her from existence.

I made the mistake of looking up, and the glittering black pins of Brother Justin’s eyes caught me. I’d never experienced anything remotely like drowning, but looking at Brother Justin was what I imagined it would feel like — the world narrowing to a terrible point, my chest crushed with pressure, everything in me screaming for breath I was unable to draw.

This Height and Fiery Speed included in the anthology Prisms from PS Publishing is a take on Algernon Blackwood’s The Wendigo. After a man has a strange encounter on an airplane, his sense of identity and reality begins to break down.

His eyes adjusted to the dimmed lights. All around him, passengers had their tray tables down, eating meals that gleamed wet and red. His stomach lurched and the plane followed it, going into free fall. Alan couldn’t gather enough breath to scream. Something had him by the shoulders, lifting him from his seat and he kicked violently.

“I should have died in the woods that day,” the man in the seat next to him said.

Bourbon Penn CoverThe Hunt at Rotherdam published in Bourbon Penn is my take on the Gothic trope of the woman in the attic as a group of men – including one unwilling protagonist – gather at an ancestral estate for a very unusual hunt.

I was spared the need to reply when the bell rang announcing dinner. Course after course appeared, all meat, bleeding and on the edge of raw. My stomach twisted. I watched our hostess, who had perfected the art of moving food about her plate to suggest consumption, though I never once saw her put a morsel to her lips.

I could not deny her loveliness, but nor could I deny the eerie, otherworldly quality to her beauty. Her black curls were perfectly coiffed, her dark clothing chosen to blend with Rotherdam’s walls, features sculpted from wilder stuff to match some Platonic ideal. Ropes of jet beads dripped from her throat and ears, and two thick, silver cuffs circled either wrist. I thought of chains.

How to Find Yourself in a Fairy Tale published in Daily Science Fiction is a flash fiction piece drawing on fairy tale imagery and rules that examines the length people are willing to go to in order to get what they want and what happens when they actually get what they believed to be their heart’s desire.

Find your way into the woods. Find yourself a bird. For best results it should be a turtle or mourning dove. Stick to the path. This part is important: do not stray. Be bold. Be bold as you can. Pluck every feather until the bird’s skin is pale and smooth as a newborn child’s. Break the bird’s wings–every single fragile bone one by one. Children come into this world helpless, after all. You may choose to blunt the beak, or remove it entirely. That part is up to you. Remember–this is a fairy tale, choices have consequences.

Tips for Living Out of Synch for the Frequent Time Traveler podcast at Simultaneous Times is another flash piece examining the perils and complications of time travel.

At least once in your journeying, you will find the people who matter the most in your life don’t know you yet. From their perspective, you haven’t met, and they will be reluctant to trust you. They may even think you unhinged when you, in turn, tell them that you trust them with your life and they are the only ones who can help you.

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What Have You Done, What Have You Loved? 2021

Hello, lovelies! I can hardly believe it, but we’re almost at year-end, which makes it the perfect time to look back on what we accomplished and the things that we loved. As I’ve been doing for several years now, I am once again compiling links to author/editor/publication eligibility posts, year-in-review posts, year’s best lists, and general reviews and resources. These posts serve several purposes – to help those who nominate works for awards to remember what eligible works have come out during the year and what category they fall into; to help readers find work they might have missed and might love; and for creators to reflect on the amazing things they accomplished over the year. If you are an author, editor, publisher, artist, poet, etc., I highly recommend making a post of your own, and if you do, please let me know! I’ll be putting together my own lists of my favorites of the year, along with what I published, at some point as well.

I’ve divided the post into a few hopefully helpful categories, and I will continue to update with new links as I receive them. Please do spread the word, tag me with your posts on twitter (@ac_wise), drop me an email at, or drop links in the comments. I look forward to seeing what you made this year and what work you loved!

Note: Cat Rambo maintains a similar list, and they were kind enough to set up a webform to gather information for our posts. Please feel free to use the form as well and that will get both of us your information.

nullEligibility Posts

Links to authors/editors/publishers posting their award-eligible work, organized alphabetically. (** denotes an author eligible for the Astounding Award.)

Ajeigbe, Oluwatomwia

Alexander, Phoenix

Allen, B. Morris

Allen, Skye

Anasuya, Shreya Ila

Anderson, G.V.

Aoki, Betsy

Apex Magazine

Appel, John

Argentino, Joe

Arthurs, Bruce

Bailton, Adria

Bangs, Elly

Barb, Patrick

Barber, Jenny

Barlow, Devan**

Barrant Klein, Annika**

Bartles, Jason

Barton, Phoebe

Becard, Avery

Beckett, L.X.

Bell, E.D.E.

Bernardo, Renan

Bhatia, Gautam**

Blackwell, Laura

Bleu, Gabrielle

Booth, Die

Bradley, Lisa M.

Brewer, Steven D.

Brothers, Laurence Raphael

Brown, Jen

Buchanan, Andi

Burton, Rebecca**

Cahill, Martin

Calabria, Erin

Campbell, Chris

Campbell, Rebecca

Chan, Grace**

Chan, L.

Chand, Priya

Chng, Joyce

Cho, Jessica

Chronister, Kay

Chrostek, John

Clark, C.L.

Clarke, Jeannine

Cleveland, Kristin

Cobbe, Elizabeth

Coleman, Kel**

Cornetto, Holley

Cossmass Infinities

Costello, Rob

Crighton, Katherine

Criley, Marc A.

Crilly, Brandon

Croal, Lyndsey

Croke, Marie

Czerneda, Julie

de Anda, Victor

de Haan, Laura

de Winter, Gunnar

Daley, Ray

Damken, Maggie

Dandenell, Karl

Das, Indrapramit

Datlow, Ellen

Day, Sarah**

The Deadlands

Deeds, Marion

Demchuk, David

Dewes, J.S.

Dheada, Shiksha

Diabolical Plots

Dila, Dilman

Dinesh, Varsha

Divya, S.B.

Donohue, Jennifer R.

Doocy, Maiga

Dotson, J. Dianne

Duckworth, Jonathan Louis

Duerr, Laura

Dunato, Jelena

Duncan, R.K.

Dunlap, Margaret

Ebenstein, Alex

Ekpeki, Oghenechovwe Donald

Emel?mad?, Ch?k?d?l?


Farrenkopf, Corey

Feistner, Victoria

Felapton, Camestros

Feldman, Stephanie

Fields, C.M.

Fitzgerald, Elizabeth

Fogg, Vanessa

Forest, Elizabeth

Forrest, Francesca

Fox, Emily

Francia, Kate**

Frohock, T.

Fullerton, HL

Garcia, Rhonda J.

Key, Justin C.

Gale, Ephiny

Garcia Ley, K.

Garcia, R.S.A.

Garcia-Rosas, Nelly Geraldine

Gardner, Benjamin

Genova, Barbara

George, JL

Goldfuss, A.L.**

Grauer, Alyson

Gray, Lora

Greenblatt, A.T.

Ha, Thomas

Haber, Elad

Harn, Darby

Haskins, Maria

Haynes, Michael

Heijndermans, Joachim

Heike, Sylvia

Henry, Veronica G.

Hewitt, Alexander

Hilton, Alicia

Hoffmann, Ada

Hopkinson, Nalo

Houser, Chip

Howell, A.P.

Hudak, Jennifer

Hudson, Andrew Dana

Hughes, Louise

Hugo Eligibility Database

Husky, Azure

If This Goes On

Iriarte, José Pablo

Ize-Iyamu, Osahon

Jain, Sid**

Jiang, Ai

Jones, Shelly

Kasley, Vivian R.

Reading by LamplightKatsuyama, Umiyuri

Katz, Gwen C.

Keane, Paula

Khalid, Kehkashan

Khanna, Rajan

Kh?ré? Magazine

Kiggins, Mike

Kim, Isabelle J.

Kimbriel, K.E.

Kindred, LP

King, Scott

Kinney, Benjamin C.

Kobb, Shawn

Koch, Joanna

Kornher-Stace, Nicole

Kraner, Steph

Krishnan, M.L.

Kuhn, M.J.

Kulski, K.P.

Kurella, Jordan

LaFaro, Brennan

LeBlanc, Ann

Laban, Monique

Lakshminarayan, Lavanya

Lasser, John

Lavalle, Daria

Lavigne, C.J.**

Lee, Eileen Gunnell

Lee, PH

Leitch, Stina

Lévai, Jessica**

Lewis, L.D.

Lin, Monte

Lingen, Marissa

Louise, A.Z.

Low, P.H.**

Lowd, Mary E.

Lu, Lark Morgan

Luiz, Dante

McCarthy, J.A.W.

McConvey, J.R.

McGill, C.E.

McLeod, Lindz**

Ma, Ewen

Madden, Anna

Madrigano, Clara

Magariti, Avra

Mahamed, Maryan

Malik, Usman T.

Mamatas, Nick

Manney, PJ

Manusos, Lyndsie

Martino, Anna

Mehrotra, Rati

Mermaids Monthly

Miles, Jo

Miller, Janna

Mingault, Reed**

Mohamed, Premee

Moher, Aidan

Moore, L.H.

Moore, Nancy Jane

Morrison, Diane

Mudie, Timothy

Murray, Meg

Napier, Kali

Navarette Diaz, Tato

Nason, Derek

Nayler, Ray

Nerds of a Feather

Neugebauer, Annie

Nikel, Wendy

Ning, Leah**

Nirav, Hanna A.

Nogle, Christi

Ogden, Aimee

Ogundiran, Tobi

Okungbowa, Suyi Davies

Osawaru, Praise

Othenin-Girard, Léon

Palestinian Speculative Fiction (various authors eligible work listed)

Palumbo, Suzan

Parker-Chan, Shelley

Pauling, Sarah

Payseur, Charles

Pearce, C.H.

Pennington, Latonya

Petricone, E.A.

Pichette, Marisca

Picknard, Mikyuki Jane

Pinsker, Sarah

Piper, Hailey


Povanda, Jared

Psfetakis, Victor

Queen of Swords Press

Ragland, Parker

Sybil ReadingRajotte, Mary

Rambo, Cat

Ratnakar, Arula

Reynolds, Jeff

Riddle, Aun-Juli

Ring, Lauren**

Rios, Julia

Rose, Christopher

Rountree, Josh

Royce, Eden

St. George, Carlie

Sadiq, Abu Bakar

Saini, Kiran Kaur

Salcedo, Sarah

Sand, R.P.**

Sayre, A.T.**

Schrater, Maria

Sehgal, Divyansha

Seiberg, Effie

Seidel, Alexandra

Serrano, Arturo

Sharma, Iona Datt

Shirey, Austin

Shiveley, Jordan

Singh, Amal

Smith, Chloe

Sommerberg, Katalina

Space Cowboy Books

Speculatively Queer

Stanley, Nelson

Stelliform Press

Stemple, Adam

Stephens, Elise

Stewart, Andy

Stewart, Jade

Stuart, Julian

Sulaiman, Sonia

Sutherland, K.A.

Takács, Bogi

Taft, Eve

Talabi, Wole

Tales from the Trunk

Taylor, Jordan


Ten, Kristina

Thayer, A.P.

Theodoridou, Natalia

Thomas, Richard

Ticknor, M. Elizabeth

Tighe, Matt

Toase, Steve

Tobler, E. Catherine

Tomoras, Joseph

Tordotcom Short Fiction and Books

Treasure, Rebecca E.**

Treehouse Writers (multiple authors sharing eligible work)

Triantafyllou, Eugenia

Tsamaase, Tlotlo

Uncanny Magazine

Undertow Books

Van Alst, Jr., Theodore C.

Vaishnav, Minoti

Ventura, Morgan L.

Victoria, Ricardo

Wade, Juliette

Wagner, Wendy N.

Wang, Yilin

Ward, Caias

Ward, Antonia Rachel

Wasserstein, Izzy

Weimer, Paul

Wellington, Joelle

White, Gordon B.

White, M. Douglas

White, Shaoni C.

Wigmore, Rem

Wilde, Fran

Willsey, Kristiana

Wilson, Lorraine

Wiswell, John

Wolfmoor, Merc Fenn

Wolverton, Nicole M.

Yates, April

Yates, Pauline

Yeager Rodriguez, Karlo

Yoachim, Caroline M.

Young, Eris

Zerby, Christopher

Zorko, Filip Hajdar Drnovšek

Favorites/Recommendation Lists

What did reviewers love this year? What books are your peers seriously digging? Click through the links below to find various recommended reading lists and various best of the year lists.

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Review Sites and Resources

Looking for yet more recommendations of things to read? The links below will help you find reviews, news, interviews, and more!

Lady Business

Lightspeed Magazine Reviews

Locus Magazine

Maria’s Reading

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Vanessa Fogg’s It’s a Jumble

Award Info

What awards are out there? Who can nominate works? What are the various deadlines? The links below may help answer your questions!

Aurora Awards – Eligibility lists are now open to CSFFA Members to suggest work.

British Fantasy Awards – Suggested reading/eligibility list is open for additions until March 31, 2022

BSFA Awards – The longlist has been posted. Voting is open until February 21, 2022.

Hugo Awards – The nomination period is open until March 15, 2022. Instructions on how to nominate work can be found on the Chicon site.

Ignyte Awards – Public voting opens April 18, 2022.

Locus Awards – Public voting is open through April 15, 2022 (link at the bottom of the page.)

Nebula Awards  – Nebula nominations are open to SFWA Members through February 28, 2022.

Science Fiction Awards Database

Stoker Awards – The Final Ballot is open to HWA Members for voting until March 15, 2022.

WSFA Small Press Awards – authors and editors may submit work originally published in 2021 for consideration through March 31, 2022.

World Fantasy Awards – authors, editors, and publishers may submit work originally published in 2021 through June 1, 2022. Members of the 2020, 2021, or 2022 World Fantast Convention may submit nomination ballots through June 1, 2022.

Image Credits:

Girl Reading, Artist/Maker Unknown, c. 1932, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Reading by Lamplight, Wanda Gág, c. 1927, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Sybil Reading, Attributed to Ugo da Carpi, c. 1517-18, Philadelphia Museum of Art


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