Fruiting Bodies

I’ve been remiss. In the whirlwind that suddenly turned November into December, I neglected to mention that Fungi from Innsmouth Free Press is now officially on sale! It’s available in both hardcover and paperback, with the hardcover version containing three bonus stories and interior illustrations. And the cover! If the sheer gorgeousness of the cover alone doesn’t make you want to buy this anthology, well, I just can’t help you.


See? Oh. And the anthology also contains my short story Where Dead Men Go to Dream. Did I mention that? I meant to. I was distracted by the cover…

The anthology has already picked up a few nice reviews at Arkham Digest and The Crow’s Caw, so you don’t even have to take my (admittedly biased) word for it that the anthology is worth your time. So, go on. Try the mushrooms. You know you wanna. What’s the worst that could happen?

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