Month of Letters Challenge

Bowing to peer pressure (but mostly because I wanted to do it anyway, and just needed a little encouragement), I will be participating in The Month of Letter Challenge this year. You can read about it more eloquently at the link I’ve just provided, but the short version is: In February, I will send people letters. Real letters. Actual physical objects that arrive in the mail. Not pixels. Crazy, right?

I already have a few victims volunteers lined up, but I’m hoping there are more people out there who are either already planning to participate in the Month of Letters Challenge and want people to swap letters with, or people who are intrigued by the idea and on the fence who I can pressure nudge into participation.

My handwriting is terrible. I often get enthusiastic about ideas, then get distracted by something shiny. So! I won’t make any promises regarding long, eloquent letters if you are kind enough to say you’ll correspond with me. What I can say is that if you would like to play along, I will try my absolute best to make it fun. I’ll try to find (or make, if I’m feeling particularly ambitious) an interesting or unique cards or postcard for you. I may include stray/abandoned lines of prose, or other random things, like old Star Trek trading cards, or odd wine labels. You never know. It’ll be a crapshoot wacky adventure!

Wanna play along? You know you do. Drop me an email, or put a note in the comments if you’re at all interested.


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2 Responses to Month of Letters Challenge

  1. cymry

    I’m always willing to play along. This sounds like a great project – unfortunately, while I’d love to send out things, my life has gone into crazy hectic overdrive, so I’ll have to be content with just receiving things. =)

  2. Completely understandable. I will send you something! :)