Hear Venice Burn

My short story, Venice Burning, which originally appeared in the wonderful Future Lovecraft anthology from Innsmouth Free Press, has been recorded by the good folks at Pseudopod, and is now available for your listening pleasure.

I’m rather fond of this story, and it has the added benefit of having been written in Venice, where, as the title implies, the story is set. When Silvia Moreno-Garcia first posted the cover for Future Lovecraft along with the call for submissions, I was hooked. I desperately wanted to write a story good enough to appear wrapped in this gorgeous and unsettling piece of artwork. Of course, my mind stubbornly drew a blank. Until I got to Venice. Crossing in the water taxi from the train station to the city proper, the first tendrils of the story grabbed hold. Throughout the rest of the day while walking the streets and bridges of Venice, the story dug deeper, it got under my skin and coiled around my brain and would not let go. When we were done touring for the day, I proceeded to drink a lot of very good Italian wine, and feverishly bang out the story.

And now you can listen to the results. Enjoy!

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