Peep Show With Foxes and Crows

Today, A.K. Anderson slapped me across the face with a leather glove. Metaphorically speaking, of course. She tagged me to take part in the Peep Show Challenge. The rules of the Peep Show Challenge state that I must go to the 77th page of my manuscript, count down 7 lines and then provide the world with a glimpse of the next 7 lines. I technically have two WIPs going on at the moment, but given that the one I’m currently actively working on is in the process of being drastically rearranged and is scattered over several desperate documents, I, um, don’t exactly know which one is the 77th page. So, instead, I’ll give you a few lines from The Thief of Precious Things, the manuscript I’m sorely tempted to shove in a drawer and never look at again. To me surprise, and possibly to spite me, I don’t hate these particular lines. Maybe I shouldn’t abandon it after all…

At any moment, he expected her teeth against his skin. Yuki closed his eyes, a single hot tear escaping his lids. He couldn’t even say why, whether it was weeping, or something else. He tried to say a word, and it came out a husked groan, a rough breath. He waited.

Instead of teeth, her tongue came, unexpected, not at his throat but on his cheek, licking his tear. She traced the line of it, from chin to eye, and he smelled blood on her breath before she drew back. Stunned, Yuki opened his eyes.

(That makes up seven lines in the manuscript, I swear!)

If they are so inclined to play along, I tag Fran Wilde, E. Catherine Tobler, and E.C. Myers in turn. Anyone else out there with a WIP is more than welcome to play along. But don’t feel obliged, even the folks I tagged. I certainly won’t give you sad puppy dog eyes if you don’t. Really.


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3 Responses to Peep Show With Foxes and Crows

  1. Oh, that’s a tantalizing peep. I say let the MS sit in a drawer until you don’t hate it anymore, and THEN reread it.

  2. Thank you! I’m hoping by switching projects to accomplish just what you suggest. :)

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