To Jessica, With Love

Jessica Rabbit

I recently joined the fine blogging team at Apex Books. March is Noir Month, which gave me the perfect excuse to extoll the virtues of my favorite femme fatale, Jessica Rabbit. She’s smart, she’s sexy, and she turns Noir tropes on their head. What more could you want? You can find my inaugural post here, and while you’re at it, browse the many other wonderful posts that make up Noir Month including a post on the female writers of Noir fiction by Gary B. Phillips, and Fran Wilde chatting with Gregory Frost and Jon McGoran about the defining features of Noir, to name a few.

And for those of you who, like me, obsessively watched and re-watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit as a kid, and who have an undying love for Jessica, Roger, and Eddie, dare I mention that The 25th Anniversary Edition of Who Framed Roger Rabbit will be available in just a few days? Yeah, it makes me feel old, but nonetheless I’m eagerly awaiting my copy and the chance to reacquaint myself with some old friends.

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