Lesser Creek: A Love Story, A Ghost Story

Clockwork Phoenix 4 is officially here! As mentioned in a prior post, there will be a group reading at Readercon next week, and a launch party, but the book itself is available now. My offering in the anthology is Lesser Creek: A Love Story, A Ghost Story, which, as the title implies, contains both love and ghosts. There’s also a creek, which is very loosely based on a creek across the road from a house in Vermont where I used to spend summer weekends with my family. Part of the creek, the part with fireworks, is loosely based on the river near my grandparents’ cottage, where I used to spend summer weekends before the house in Vermont. The big rock in the story really does sit in the middle of the creek in Vermont. To the best of my knowledge, no bets between a ghost and a devil are actually tallied there, but you never know.

Mike Allen has helpfully rounded-up all the reviews of the anthology that have popped up thus far. The full ToC is also posted on his website, so you can see I’m surrounded by good company.

If you’re planning to attend Readercon next week, come by the reading on Friday, and say hi. I hope to see you there!


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