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It seems we were confusing folks with the new guidelines for Unlikely Story (formerly known as and still encompassing The Journal of Unlikely Entomology). Apologies! But let it not be said that we don’t listen to feedback. So, allow me to present the new, new guidelines.

A few points of interest:

We are currently reading for our Entomology and our Cryptography issues. The guidelines for both can be found at the link above.

All publications falling under the Unlikely Story umbrella pay 5cents/word.

Please read the aforementioned guidelines before submitting. We have very specific themes for our issues, and while I’m sure your story about crocodiles fighting off a space invasion is wonderful, it doesn’t fit what we’re looking for right now. At the moment, we only want to read stories about cryptography and bugs.

We want Unlikely Story’s publications to represent the full spectrum of humanity in both its authors and the content of its stories. We want to see stories by diverse authors, in diverse settings, featuring diverse characters. By that we mean authors and characters of color, from all (or no) religions; genderqueer authors and characters; bi-sexual, asexual, and neuro-atypical authors and characters. You get the idea. Basically, we want stories representing the way the world really is and not focusing on just one narrow slice of it. (As long as the stories also feature cryptography or bugs!)

We’re very open to publishing new authors. It doesn’t matter to us one bit whether you have prior publishing credits or not. Send your stories our way!

We’ll read stories from authors living anywhere in the world, as long as they are written in English. That includes translated work, too.

Did I mention the cryptography and the bugs? I feel I can’t stress that enough.

So, to sum it all up, read our guidelines and send us your best work!

Feel free to drop a note in the comments or send me an email if you haven’t any questions. You can find Unlikely Story on twitter as @grumpsjournal and on G+ as Unlikely Story. Slush updates are frequently posted there, along with other fun and relevant things that may just help to spark a story.


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