How Bunny Came to Be

Today is publication day for Shimmer #17, containing seventeen stories, and appropriately enough, available on the seventeenth of the month. One of those seventeen stories is penned by yours truly, How Bunny Came to Be.

As it so happens, Bunny came to be in a somewhat convoluted way. A year or two ago, a call for submissions came to my attention for a campy anthology inspired by B-movies and pulp magazines. Great! I thought. This will be a fun project to work on sometime down the road. Then I checked the submission deadline. It was less than 48 hours away. Ah well, I thought. You can’t win ’em all. I was ready to put the idea out of my mind, then Bunny stepped up and tapped me on the shoulder. She can be quite persuasive when she wants to be.

Frantic typing ensued, and while the story didn’t end up in the anthology, it did find a wonderful home. Fast forward to June of this year. Bunny and the Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron made their debut in Ideomancer with the appropriately titled Doctor Blood and the Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron.

Of course, Bunny was not done with me after just one tale. She was quite insistent that her origin story be told, and who am I to disagree? As I said, she can be quite persuasive.

Shimmer 17

Shimmer #17 is now officially available, and within its pages, you too can find out just how Bunny came to be…

This is Bunny. This is Bunny before she was Bunny, back when he was Phillip Howard Craft, working as a lifeguard at Sun Haven Beach Resort by day and slinging drinks in the resort bar by night. Back before the Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron saved the world from Mars, or fought the lizards from the center of the earth, or kept Air Force One from exploding with nothing more than a jeweled hairpin and a wad of peach-flavored chewing gum.

This is Bunny back when he was a bronzed god rather than a curvy goddess. His legs still go on for miles but he doesn’t shave them yet, though he does wax his chest until it gleams in the sun. Even before the Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron, Phillip knew the importance of a good beauty regimen.

Still need convincing? I suggest watching this lovely trailer featuring art from Issue #17, and gorgeous music from fellow-contributor, Ada Hoffman.

Of course, now that Bunny’s story has been told, the rest of the Glitter Squadron’s members are making throat-clearing noises and giving me the side-eye. They are all most insistent, too. I’ve asked them to patiently form a line. We’ll see how well that works out for me.

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