Mutt Strut: Thank You!

The 7th Annual Philadelphia Mutt Strut was a resounding success! Thank you to everyone who donated to my fundraising page. Our team made our goal, and judging by the number of people there, the event was a big success for PAWS.

Pippin had a delightful time meeting other dogs, participating in the talent contest, and learning to chase a lure. He made friends with my former co-worker’s beagle, and we even convinced him to wear a Halloween costume. You can’t tell from these pictures since the hood wouldn’t stay on his head, but he’s supposed to be a black cat. Putting the costume on him initially was something like what I imagine parents of small children go through with snowsuits in the winter time. First he wriggled, then he tried to bite me, then he gave up a went limp. Once the costume was actually on him though, he seemed kind of proud of himself, and now that’s he home, he doesn’t want to take it off. After all the excitement, costume included, I suspect he will sleep very well tonight.

MuttStrut1 MuttStrut2

Thank you again to everyone who helped my team raise funds for Philly’s largest no-kill animal shelter, and for giving me a good excuse to put a corgi in a kitty costume.

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