Philcon 2013 Schedule

Next weekend, I’ll be headed to Philcon, Philadelphia’s local(ish) SF/F/H convention. My official schedule is as follows:

Sat 2:00 PM in Plaza III (Three) (1 hour)

[Panelists: Brenda W. Clough (mod), A.C. Wise, Orenthal Hawkins,
Jeff Warner, Michael A. Ventrella]

No writer wants to be considered bigoted or prejudiced, but at the
same time, no writer wants to be censored, either. And, if certain
topics can’t be discussed, does that mean that they can’t be
properly discarded, either? What are the limits on proper
discourse, and who gets to set them

Sat 9:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Two (1 hour)

[Panelists: Judith Moffett (mod), Gordon Linzner, KT Pinto, A.C.
Wise, Alex Lidell]

What are writers afraid to write about? And why? What keeps them
from writing about something?

ETA: I’ll also be hijacking…er, joining a reading by the wonderful Gregory Frost on Sunday at 1:00 PM in Executive Suite 623. In addition to reading words we wrote, we plan to bribe you into attending with booze and brownies. You know you wanna be there. (Thanks to Greg for letting me join in the fun!)

The rest of the time, I’ll be attending other panels, spending far too much money in the dealers’ room, and, I’ve heard rumors the hotel may have a bar…

I hope to see you there!

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