Coffee, Anyone?

It’s a basic fact of life that authors and coffee go together – as true as the sun rising in the east and the heaviest rain fall happening on the day you forgot your umbrella at home. So what better theme for an anthology of fantastic fiction than coffee?

Alex Shvartsman has assembled just such an anthology, featuring a new story by me, along with a mix of other fabulous new and reprinted caffeinated tales. The anthology will officially be available December 9. From now until then, UFO publishing is offering a special bundle deal – Unidentified Funny Objects 1 & 2, and Coffee, all for under $30. You can’t beat that.

So pour yourself a cup of your favorite brew and curl up with a copy of Coffee. What batter way to spend a winter’s day? Here’s a taste of my story, At the Everywhere Cafe, to get you started.

Hilo threads cream into the coffee and watches it swirl widdershins, a skein of smoke turning the brew milky-dark. Bottles – thick blue-and-green glass, flattened into rounds – chime softly over the door as it closes. When she turns, they will be gone.

The café shifts, a motion only Hilo feels. The next time the door opens, the world beyond it will not be the one her last client – the tattooed woman – stepped out into, her breath heady with dark roast spiked with rum and flavored with orange peel, her eyes bright with the future. Whoever enters through the door will be a stranger, coming from a world Hilo has never seen.

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