The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography

Over the weekend, the latest issue of Unlikely Story went live. Consider it a belated Valentine’s Day present. Or perhaps an early President’s Day present. Or a just because we know you love free fiction present. Unlikely Story #8: The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography features brand-new fiction by Barry King, Mari Ness, Mary Alexandra Agner, Ada Hoffmann, and Gregory Norman Bossert. As always, it’s full of gorgeous artwork, too. Head on over, peruse the digital pages, and treat yourself to some fabulous fiction, just because.

Looking ahead, we’ll be bringing you a new mini-issue, the Journal of Unlikely Story Acceptances on April Fool’s Day, and our next full-length issue, The Journal of Unlikely Cartography, in May. We’re currently open to submissions for our next Entomology issue, which will be out in November. Send your buggy stories our way, and while we’re reading those, I hope you’ll enjoy our current issue of stories about cracking, hacking, coding, and surveillance, sprinkled with a dose of cyberpunk flavor.

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