What Have You Done This Year?

The year is almost over, and while I’m not quite ready to write my own year-end wrap-up post yet, several other intrepid people have started to do so. In the interest of signal boosting, and providing a handy reference for myself and others as the award season progresses, here are a few eligibility and recommendation posts I’ve come across thus far. I’ll do my best to keep updating, so if you have posts (your own or others) you’d like me to link, please share them in the comments or drop me an email.

Mike Allen: The Quiltmaker + 2014 Eligibility Post

Charlie Jane Anders (i09): The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2014

Charlotte Ashley/Clavis Aurea: Best Short Fiction o f 2014

Richard Auffrey: My Favorite Fiction of 2014

Prix Aurora Awards: Eligibility Lists (These are constantly being updated, and authors can submit their own eligible work for inclusion if it isn’t already listed.)

Laird Barron: State of My State 2014

OJ Cade: 2014 in Review

Beth Cato: Awards Consideration for 2014

John Chu: 2014

Aliette de Bodard: Awards Consideration Post

Diabolical Plots: Award Eligibility Post 2014

Seth Dickinson: What Seth Wrote in 2014

Shaun Duke: Award Recommendations

Corinne Duyvis: 2014 Awards Eligibility

Ruthanna Emrys: Awards Eligibility and Bonus Recommendations for 2014

Fantastic Stories of the Imagination: Award Eligibility

Fabio Fernandes: My Award Eligibility Post (And Why I’m Posting It)

Forestofglory’s Best Short Fiction of 2014

Rose Fox: A Break Down of Long Hidden’s Eligibility

Kate Heartfield: Stories, 2014 and Some Recommended Reads from 2014

Kat Howard: Things I Published in 2014

Rachael K. Jones: Awards Eligible Stories for 2014

Kaleidotrope: 2014 in Review

Cecily Kane: Provision Short Fiction Round-Up

Keffy R.M. Kehrli: Eligible Fiction for 2014

Lackington’s Magazine: Our Nominations, 2014

Lady Business: The Hugo Awards 2015: A Collection of Nominations

Largehearted Boy: Compilation Post of Best of 2014 Book Lists

Jenn Lawrence/Jenn’s Bookshelves: Horror/Thriller Favorites of 2014 and A Year in Review: Series Favorites of 2014 (Other genres coming; keep checking back!)

Rose Lemberg: Award Eligibility, “Stalemate” Reviews, Rhysling and Award Eligibility 2014 Prose + Poetry

Ken Liu: Nominating Stories for Awards

Luna Lindsey: 2014 Awards Eligible Post

Natalie Luhrs: 2014 in Review

Carmen Maria Machado: My Nebula Eligible Stories

Sunny Moraine: Here Be My 2014 Awards Post, Yarr

Silvia Moreno-Garcia: December

Mythic Delirium Stories: Awards Eligibility Post

Linda Nagata: Award Eligible Work – 2014

David Erik Nelson: Annual Not-at-All-Obligatory Humblebrag Award Eligibility Post

Nerds of a Feather: Draft Hugo Ballot 2014

Mari Ness: Publication Round-up, 2014

Novelociraptor: Our Favorite Short Fiction of 2014

NPR: Our Guide to 2014’s Great Reads

Daniel Jose Older: Award Eligibility Page 2014

Over the Effing Rainbow: A Year of Awesomeness – Looking Back on 2014

Sarah Pinsker: My Award Eligible Stories for 2014

Cat Rambo: The Inevitable Awards Post, Best of 2014 Version

Merc Rustad: Award Eligibility 2014 Edition

Sofia Samatar: What I Wrote & How I’ll Vote

Erica L. Satfika: 2014 Year in Review

SF Signal: Hugo Awards Eligibility for SF Signal and Its Contributors

The Book Smugglers: Smugglivius 2014 (This is a multi-part series, so keep checking back!)

Carlie St. George: 2014 My Favorite Short Stories
and The 2014 Vote for Me, Vote for Me Post
Bogi Takacs: 2014 Award Eligibility
and Roundup of 2014 Stories with Non-Binary Characters and Hugo/Nebula Recommendations 2914: Short Stories and Rhysling Award Nomination Recommendations 2014

Lynne M. Thomas: 2014 in Review and Awards Eligibility

Lavie Tidhar: 2014 in Review

E. Catherine Tobler: 2014 in Review

Joseph Tomaras: 2014: Results and Prospects

Tor: A Crowd-Sourced List of Favorite Books of 2014 and Tor.com Reviewer’s Choice 2014 and 2014 Fiction Wrap-up from Tor.com and Hugo and Nebula-Eligible Fiction from 2014

Unlikely Story: Award Eligible Fiction 2014

Sabrina Vourvoulias: Looking for the Best Speculative Fiction of 2014 in Expected and Unexpected Places

Wendy N. Wagner: 2014: My Work in Glossy Review

Damien Angelica Walters: 2014 in Review

LaShawn M. Wanak: 21 Steps to Enlightenment (Minus One) Eligible for 2014 Awards

Martha Wells: Award Eligible Work This Year

Paul Weimer: The 2015 Awards Consideration Post

Weird Fiction Review: End of the Year Booklist (2014 Edition)

Fran Wilde: 2014 Favorite Reads

Bryan Thao Worra: 2014 Year in Review

Isabel Yap: 2014 Year in Review

Caroline M. Yoachim: Stories in 2014

On a related note, as you’re thinking about awards, here’s a list of online publications that consistently publish impressive and lovely fiction (and in some cases poetry and non-fiction as well). While you’re catching up on what the authors above have published this year, and thinking about award nominations, these online magazines are ones I consider well-worth checking out. The list is by no means exhaustive, and only covers online magazines (though a few produce associated print anthologies and collections).

Abyss & Apex
AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review
Apex Magazine
Beneath Ceaseless Skies
Book Smugglers
Bourbon Penn
Crossed Genres (also check out their anthologies, which include the above-mentioned Long Hidden)
Daily Science Fiction
Innsmouth Free Press (alas, the magazine ended its run this year, but they are still publishing incredibly anthologies and other wonderful fiction in print form)
Lackington’s Magazine
Lakeside Circus
Strange Horizons
The Dark
Three-Lobed Burning Eye
Uncanny Magazine
Unlikely Story

ETA on 11/30/2014: It just occurred to me that it would be smart to include some links to the folks who regularly review short fiction, especially since several new review columns have popped up recently. One of the best ways to find out what’s out there, what you might have missed, and what you might want to read and recommend come award time is word of mouth. So…

Niall Alexander and Brit Mandelo’s Short Fiction Spotlight at Tor

Charlotte Ashley’s Clavis Aurea at Apex

K. Tempest Bradford’s Newsstand at i09

Fantastic Stories of the Imagination: New & Noteworthy Short Fiction

Haralambi Markov’s Short Fiction You Need to Read

Amal El-Mohtar’s Rich and Strange at Tor

Nerds of a Feather’s Monthly Taster’s Guide to Speculative Short Fiction

Derek Newman-Stille’s Reviews at Speculating Canada (mix of short fiction and long fiction by Canadians)

Lois Tilton’s Short Fiction Reviews at Locus Online

Sam Tomaino’s Short Fiction Reviews at SFRevu

Various Reviews at Strange Horizons (mix of long and short works)

J.Y. Yang: Fiction Nuggets

Eventually I’ll be posting my own eligible work and my favorite reads of 2014. In the meantime, feel free to send me round-up post links, review site links, or recommend online magazines people should be reading.


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  1. unrealfred

    Just like to add Kaleidotrope’s 2014 run of stories and poems, all linked here: http://www.kaleidotrope.net/2014/11/24/2014-in-review/