All Hallows Read Book Exchange 2015

All Hallows ReadAs so frequently occurs (to me least), it’s somehow already October 1st, and I’m not quite sure what fold of space/time allowed it to happen. Like a switch being thrown, the temperature landed firmly in the Appropriate Fall Weather category today. The sky darkened, rain fell, and there was a decided chill in the air. Honestly, there are no complaints here.

October is one of my favorite times of the year. I love winter, but there’s something about the in-between-ness of fall I find irresistible. It’s pumpkin season. Ghost season. The haunted time of year when the world is thin. It’s also time for All Hallows Read .

Those of you who know me (and possibly even those who don’t) may have noticed I’m pretty into reading. I’m also pretty into enabling others when it comes to discovering/acquiring new books. All Hallows Read – a brilliant tradition started by Neil Gaiman, and explained by him at the link above – is all about fostering a love of books. For the past few years, I’ve organized my own All Hallows Read Book Exchange. The original idea of All Hallows Read is to give someone a scary book. My ‘rules’ for the book exchange are more relaxed. Basically, if you dig reading, want other people to be excited about books you love, are comfortable sharing a mailing address with a total stranger, and are willing to drop a book in the mail, this is the thing for you!

The way it works is: You drop me a note in the comments and/or send me an email at a.c.wise (at), and I organize an exchange whereby you send one book to someone and receive one book from someone else. Even though the original idea is to exchange a scary story, it doesn’t have to be horror. It doesn’t have to be a new book either. It can be second hand, well-loved, science fiction, humor, mainstream, whatever you want. Preferably, it will be a book that means something to you, and one you want to share with someone else.

Each time I’ve organized this exchange, I’ve personally found it to be tons of fun. I’ve discovered some amazing authors and encountered books I might not have read otherwise. At least one person has told me they’re interested in participating again this year, which makes me think other people dig it too.  So join in the fun! Give a book, get a book, and share the joy of reading.

(The All Hallows Read image above is from Introverted Wife, who creates a variety of fabulous All Hallows Read posters every year.)


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