The Journal of Unlikely Academia

You know that saying, better late than never? Well, Unlikely Story #12: The Journal of Unlikely Academia is finally here! We’d originally intended the issue to be out in July, but life is rarely cooperative in these matters. Still, I promise you the issue is worth the wait. It contains all new fiction by Nicolette Barischoff, Sean Robinson, E. Saxey, Eric Schwitzgebel, Julia August, Abra Staffin-Wiebe, Pear Nuallak, and Rose Lemberg. As you’ll see from the Editors’ Note, instead of focusing on one narrow subject of study (bugs, maps, etc.), this issue celebrates the pursuit of learning itself, in all its unlikely permutations.

On a somewhat related note, both editors of Unlikely Story just happen to be headed to Capclave this weekend. If you see us, feel free to say hi and tell us how awesome the new issue is. It’s particularly exciting for us to be at Capclave this year as Kat Howard’s story All of Our Past Places from Unlikely Story #9: The Journal of Unlikely Cartography is a finalist for the WSFA Small Press Award, which is presented at Capclave every year. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

In the meantime, head on over to Unlikely Story and peruse the Journal of Unlikely Academia. You might just learn something. (See what I did there? See?)

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