Monster Mash

MonstrousJust in time for Halloween, several anthologies have made their way into the world dealing with the theme of monsters and the monstrous. By coincidence, I just happen to have stories in four of them. In my admittedly biased opinion, they all have gorgeous covers. I haven’t had a chance to dive into the stories yet, but, again in my admittedly biased opinion, they’re all worth checking out if you’re in the mood for something seasonal of the monstrous variety.

The Monstrous edited by Ellen Datlow reprints Chasing Sunset. The story has a kind of noirish vibe, mashed up with Lovecraft, mashed up with good old fashioned devilry. Father and son sling cosmic horrors at each other across the distance as the progeny tries to outrun the sire. The collection recently received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, which is a pretty good endorsement. Besides, its edited by Ellen Datlow, so you know you’re getting something good.


The Humanity of Monsters edited by Michael Matheson reprints Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife. Yes, the story is inspired by that Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife. It’s got tentacles and sexy times, and it isn’t all that monstrous in the traditional sense of the world. Which is exactly what I believe Michael Matheson was going for in putting together this collection – taking the concept of monsters, and turning it on its head. The line-up for this one is fantastic; I’m in extremely good company here.

ApotheosisApotheosis: Stories of Human Survival After the Rise of the Elder Gods edited by Jason Andew reprints my story Venice Burning. As you may have gathered from the title, this anthology is straight up Lovecraft. Say what you will about Lovecraft, but his world is a heck of a lot of fun to play in. As a matter of fact, it’s so much fun, that I’ve gone back to the particular Lovecraftian world I built for Venice Burning in two more stories so far. Which brings me to…

Whispers2Whispers from the Abyss 2 edited by Kat Rocha. Lest you think all these stories are reprints, Whispers from the Abyss has an original piece, We Are Not These Bodies, Strung Between the Stars. It’s not a sequel to Venice Burning, but it’s certainly adjacent, set in the same broken world where R’lyeh rose and has always risen and is rising and time is completely and utterly fucked. This one also has a bit of a noirish vibe. There’s also queerness, and the Great Race of Yith and their Library make an appearance. There’s a third story set in this world forthcoming, but I don’t know that I have dispensation to talk about it yet. As a side note, the first Whispers from the Abyss anthology was the original venue for Chasing Sunset, and that brings this post full circle.


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  1. A few anthologies I missed! Thank you for sharing. I love short fiction collections.

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