The Dark is Rising

I haven’t seen the movie, but the fact that they made it inspired me to seek out and read the books. (See, the power of the re-interpretation can be used for good.) I have to say, I am seriously digging this series.

Like the best children’s literature, it doesn’t talk down to kids. It doesn’t back off from dark or disturbing themes, and it gives readers credit for the ability to catch implication, rather than spelling out the subtleties. To me, the series really hit its stride with Greenwitch, the third book. The first two books feel a bit like ‘set-up’ books, but they add richness to the characters in the later books, letting the series build slowy.

The books are considered a classic. I’m not sure how I missed them while growing up, but better late than never. The Newbery Honor and Newbery Award are both well deserved. Highly recommended reading.

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