Quoth the Raven


I went to the Poe reading at the German Society of Philadelphia yesterday. Edward Pettit, the Philly Poe Guy, gave a brief introduction on Poe’s work in Philadelphia, Ellen Datlow introduced the authors, and Gregory Frost, Laird Barron and John Langan each read a selection from their stories.

I’ve talked about author readings here before, and differing reading styles. This was the first group reading I attended, and it was interesting to compare reading styles back to back. There was a rhythm to Gregory Frost’s reading, parts of it were almost like spoken word poetry. Laird Barron’s reading was very straightforward, and John Langan’s was very theatrical. Maybe theatrical isn’t the right word. His story, Technicolor, concerns a man giving a lecture about Poe’s life, and he read as the lecturer in a way that was very natural. It fit with the story, drew me in – maybe performance-like is a better term. Regardless, I would be curious to hear him read more of his work.

Ellen and the authors signed after the reading. They all seemed very nice and approachable, even though I was too shy/never got the opportunity to even say something cliche like ‘I really love your work’. But, better to remain silent and be thought a fool then open your mouth and remove all doubt.


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  1. Thank you for commenting on the event. We did indeed enjoy ourselves tremendously, and I’m sorry that with my hoarse cold I wasn’t in better voice for it. But next time, please throw off the shyness, boldly step forward and say hello. I’ll take a cliché if that’s what emerges, but that will give us a starting point to go elsewhere.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful reading, even with a cold! I loved Fitcher’s Brides and I promise to say so in person the next time I have an opportunity to attend one of your readings.

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