Thirteen is My Lucky Number

The Shirley Jackson Award Lottery winners were announced today. Not only am I not getting stoned to death, but I won a signed copy of Elizabeth Bear’s The Chains That You Refuse and a signed keyboard from Neil Gaiman. How abso-freaking-lutely cool is that?


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3 Responses to Thirteen is My Lucky Number

  1. amy

    I do not like you.

    If I had to pick 3 things from that list that I wanted, those would be the first two I’d immediately pick, then I’d have to go back through and pick a third.

    Oh. And I GUESS congratulations. Mostly I don’t like you, though.

  2. Yeah, I’m a jerk. On the plus side, next time you visit, I’ll let you look at *my* prizes. :*)

  3. amy

    Thanks for the pizza!

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