I am (a bad) Canadian

I don’t like hockey or maple syrup. I’m not proud of Celine Dion. I probably couldn’t name more than three Prime Ministers. I am no longer fluent (if I ever was) in both official languages. I just don’t think the Red Green Show is all that funny. And in my intense excitement over the upcoming long weekend associated with the Fourth of July, I almost forgot today was Canada Day.

On the other hand….

Even though I don’t like hockey, I believe the fighting is integral to the game, and shouldn’t be banned. The title of this post is a reference to an obscure-to-most series of ads for Molson Canadian. I know what poutine is, and I love it. I attended CEGEP. I have seen the Musical Ride. I like winter. I have heard of Today’s Special. And I will always think Mr. Dress-up is cooler than Mr. Rogers.

Happy Whatsit Day, Canada!

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