What Have You Done, What Have You Loved? 2019

An Interesting Story (Miss Ray)It’s that time of year again! Editors, publishers, and authors’ minds turn toward Year’s Best list, and awards. Which also means it’s time for said authors, editors, and publishers to get out there and self-promote. It can feel icky or uncomfortable, but it’s a valuable service to those who nominate for awards, and those who just want to catch up reading what they might have missed during the year. So step forward, take a deep breath, and shout about what you wrote this year. While you’re at it, shout about the things you loved too! No one can read everything that comes out in a given year, but together we can help each other find excellent things to read, and perhaps even nominate.

As I have in the past, I’m gathering award eligibility posts here as a handy reference. Cat Rambo also maintains such a list, so please do check out her blog, and reach out to her with your own eligibility links. If you have a link for me to add, or a correction to make, feel free to drop a note in the comments, tag me on twitter (@ac_wise) or email me at a.c.wise [at] hotmail.com. I also have sections below for recommendation posts and for general resources like review sites. But first off, the eligibility links!

Oh, and I will update this post regularly, so please check back often!

Author/Editor/Publisher Award Eligibility Posts

Skeleton Reading
Allen, Mike
Allen, B. Morris (Note: Includes eligible stories published at Metaphorosis Magazine as well.)
Anathema Magazine
Anderson, G.V.
Angell, R.R.
Annorlunda Press
Astounding Award Author Eligibility List
Atthis Arts
Bailey, Marika
Balthazar, Jason
Bangs, Elly
Barlow, Devan
Barsukov, Yaroslav
Barton, Phoebe
Beckett, L.X.
Bennett, Rebecca
Bhatia, Gautam
Bolander, Brooke
Bowes, Keyan
Brothers, Laurence Raphael
Campbell, Rebecca
Cañas, Isabel*
Carpenter, Thomas K.
Carroll, Siobhan
Castro, Adam-Troy
Castroianni, Elena
Chakraborty, S.A.
Chan, L.
Chaney, Keidra
Charron, Carolyn
Chawaga, Tim
Chen, Mike
Chu, John
Cipri, Nino
Clark, M.L.
Cooney, C.S.E
Cornell, P.A.
Crilly, Brandon
Das, Indra
Datlow, Ellen
Daley, Raymond Peter
Day, Julie C.
Demuchuk, David
Diabolical Plots
Doige, Meghan Ciana
Donohue, Jen*
Donald, Ekepeki Oghenechovwe
Reading ImageDoyle, Aidan
Drayden, Nicky
Duckett, Katherine
Dudak, Andy
Duerr, Laura
Duncan, Andy
Duncan, R.K.
Eichenlaub, Anthony W.
Elison, Meg
Ellis, Jasre’
Engle-Laird, Carl
Eon, Louis*
Evans, S. Usher
Fedyk, Karolina*
Fiyah Magazine
Fogg, Vanessa
Frohock, T.
Fullerton, H.L.
Gable, Scott
Gale, Ephiny (Includes recommendations of favorite works by others as well.)
Garcia, R.S.A.*
George, Catherine*
Gidney, Craig Laurence
Ginther, Chadwick
Gray, Lora
Greenblatt, A.T.
Haber, Elad
Hagey, Catherin
Hanosly, Christine
Harris, Nin
Harrow, Alix E.
Haskins, Maria
Hayes, Tyler
Heartfield, Kate
Heijnderman, Joachim
Helfrich, Judy
Hemmell, Russell
Hilbert, Crystal Lynn
Hollis, Audrey R.
Hopkinson, Nalo
Houseman, Ariela
Howard, Kat
Hudak, Jennifer
Hudson, Andrew
Hunt, Walter
Hvide, Brit
Ilo, Innocent Chizaram
Jarboe, Julian K.
Jo, Jessica
Jones, Heather Rose
Kendall, Mikki
Ketchum, Brandon
Khan, Ahmed
King, Scott
Kiste, Gwendolyn
Krasnoff, Barbara
Kurella, Jordan
Reading ImageLawless, J.R.H.
Lee, Fonda
Lee, Kara
Lee, Sharon
Liburd, Tonya
Lingen, Marissa
Lu, S. Qiouyi
Lundoff, Catherine
Lyons, Jenn
Macia, Malena Salazar
Madruga, Elaine Vilar
Marcade, Jei D.
Mead-Brewer, K.C.
Miles, Jo
Miller, Steve
Mills, Samantha
Mohamed, Premee
Moher, Aidan
Mondal, Mimi (Includes recommendations of others’ works as well.)
Moren, Dan
Morrison, Diane
Mote, Rajiv
Moyer, J.D.
Mythic Delirium
Neugebauer, Annie
Nieman, Valerie
Nikel, Wendy
North, Bennett
Novakova, Julie
O’Brien, Brandon
O’Brien, Laura
O’Dell, Claire
Ogden, Aimee
Ogundiran, Tobi
Older, Malka
Ongle, L’Erin
Onwualu, Chinelo
Osborne, Emma
Osborne, Karen
Palmer, Suzanne
Palumbo, Suzan
Parrish, Rhonda
Reading ImagePayseur, Charles
Perry, Aaron
Phan, Cindy
Phetteplace, Dominica
Pinsker, Sarah
Prasad, Vina Jie-Min
Price, Laura E.
Pueyo, H.
Pulp Literature
Pyles, Alexander
Racklin, Carly
Rambo, Cat
Ramdas, Shiv
Rappaport, Jenny Rae
Ratnakar, Arula*
Reisman, Jessica
Rew, Juliana
Rixon, Joanne
Roanhorse, Rebecca
Robinson, S. Brackett
Rockwell, Marsheila
Rodriguez, Karlo Yeager
Roshak, N.R.M.
Rowat, Frances
Rowland, Alexandra*
Royce, Eden
Sanford, Jason
Santiago, Gabriela
Sayre, A.T.
Seiberg, Effie
Seidel, Alexandra
Sen, Nibedita*
Serna-Grey, Ben
Seybold, Grace
Shelby, Jennifer
Siddiqui, Sameem
Sir Julius Vogel Award (crowd-sourced list of authors eligible for the Sir Julius Vogel Award.)
Sjunneson-Henry, Elsa
Solomon, Rivers
Speculative Fiction in Translation (A listing of award-eligible novels and short fiction translated from other languages and published for the first time in English in 2019.)
St. George, Carlie (Includes recommendations of works by others as well.)
Stott, Romie
Stufflebeam, Bonnie Jo
Syntax & Salt
Takács, Bogi
Takahashi, Fumiki
Talabi, Wole
Taylor, Jordan
Theodoridou, Natalia
Thomas, Ebony Elizabeth
Thomas, Richard
Thompson, Tade
Three Crows Magazine
Toase, Steve
Toasted Cake
Tobler, E. Catherine
Tor.com Short Fiction and Tor.com Books
Triantafyllou, Eugenia
Trota, Michi
Truancy Magazine
Turnbull, Cadwell
Uncanny Magazine Fiction
Uncanny Magazine Poetry
Uzume, Setsu
Valdes, Valerie
Vibbert, Marie
Victoria, Ricardo
Wahls, Jamie
Wagner, Erin
Wagner, Phoebe
Wasserstein, Izzy*
Weaver, Kat
Weimer, Paul
Wendig, Chuck
Wiener Grotta, Sally
Wilde, Fran (Note: Includes recommended reading as well.)
Wilgus, Alison
Wiswell, John
Yap, Isabel
Yoachim, Caroline

* Indicates author who is eligible for the Astounding Award (formerly known as the Campbell Award)

Recommendation Posts

1000 Year Plan Best Dark Fantasy & Horror Short Fiction of 2019
1000 Year Plan Best SF Short Fiction of 2019
1000 Year Plan Best Fantasy Short Fiction of 2019
The Advocate Best Thriller & Fantasy Novels of 2019
African Speculative Short Fiction 2019 Recommended Reading List
Amazon Best Books of 2019
Augur Magazine Favorite Reads of 2019
Bogi Reads the World Favorite SFF Novels of 2019
Bookscrolling Best of the Best – amalgamation of several year’s best/favorites of 2019 lists.
Chaos Kind of Awards
Coleman, Kel Favorite Reads of 2019
Cooper, Jared Favorite Short Fiction of 2019
Duncan, R.K. Favorite Books of 2019
El-Mohtar, Amal Favorite Books of 2019
Fantasy Faction Best of 2019
Fellows, Kevin Favorite Books of 2019
Goodreads Best Books of 2019
Hammard’s Year Best Short Fiction
Handle, Matt Best Short Fiction of 2019
Haskins, Maria Recommended Reading List 2019
Hugo Book Club Recommended Reading
Hugo Award Nomination Wiki
Iriarte, Jose Pablo Recommended Stories of 2019
Kirkus Definitive Year’s Best Lists
Krasnoff, Barbara Award Recommendations 2019
Kirkus Best Books of 2019 by Category
Lady Business Hugo Recommendations
LAPL Favorite Books of 2019
Library Journal Best Horror of 2019
Library Journal Bet SF/Fantasy of 2019
Line-Up Best Horror of 2019
Lingen, Marissa Favorite Short Fiction of 2019
Locus Staff Picks – includes long and short fiction picks
McGee, Amanda Favorite Short Stories of 2019
Locus Recommended Reading List
Mills, Samantha Favorite Reads of 2019
Nerds of a Feather Top Books of 2019
Nerds of a Feather Hugo Recommendations – Fiction Categories
Nerds of a Feather Hugo Recommendations – Visual Categories
Nerds of a Feather Hugo Recommendations – Individual Categories
Nerds of a Feather Hugo Recommendations – Institutional Categories
NPR Book Concierge Best Books of 2019
NYPL Best Books of 2019
NY Times 100 Notable Books of 2019
Publishers Weekly Best SFFH of 2019
Quick Sips Reviews Recommended Reading 2019
SFWA Nebula Reading List (crowd-sourced, open to additions by SFWA members)
Silent Motorist 10 Weird Fiction Books Not to Miss from 2019
Tangent Online Recommended Reading List
Tor.com Reviewers’ Choice Best Books of 2019 and Best YA SFF of 2019
Triantafyllou, Eugenia Favore Short Fiction of 2019
Washington Post Best Horror of 2019
Washington Post Best SFF of 2019
Wiswell, John Favorite Short Fiction of 2019 and Favorite Novels of 2019
Ziv W. Recommended Reading Thread

Review Sites and Resources

Girl Reading1000 Year Plan – short fiction reviews
Antler Review (Meg Elison) – short and long fiction reviews (link goes to the most recent post)
Barnes and Noble Sci-Fi Blog – short and long fiction reviews, SFFH articles
Black Gate Magazine – book reviews, SFFH articles, etc.
Dark Matter Zine – a review site focusing on Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Diversity
The Fandomentals – SFFH reviews, articles, etc.
Ginger Nuts of Horror – horror book and media reviews, articles, etc.
Maria Haskins – short fiction reviews
Horror Bound – horror reviews
Hugo Eligibility Spreadsheet – crowd-sourced eligibility spreadsheet organized by category. Open for additions.
It’s a Jumble (Vanessa Fogg) – short and long fiction reviews
Kirkus Reviews – book reviews
Locus Magazine – short fiction reviews, book reviews, media reviews, SFFH articles and interviews
Miskatonic Review – weird fiction/Lovecraftican reviews
More2Read – multi-genre book reviews
Nameless Zine – reviews of books, media, etc.
Nerds of a Feather – short and long fiction reviews, SFFH articles and interviews
NPR Book Reviews (Amal El-Mohtar) – book reviews
Publishers Weekly – book reviews
Quick Sip Reviews (Charles Payseur) – short fiction reviews
SFF Reviews – short fiction reviews
Squee & Snark – short fiction reviews and discussion
This Is Horror – horror book reviews, news, articles, etc.
Tor.com – short and long fiction reviews, articles, interviews, etc.

All images in this post are public domain works from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Top to bottom: An Interesting Story (Miss Ray), William Wood, 1806
A skeleton wearing a bishop’s mitre reading a book (vignette for the feast of dead), Jose Guadalupe Posada, 1890-1910
Reading by Lamplight, James McNeil Whistler, 1859
Woman in Robes Reading a Book, Julia Margaret Cameron, 1870
The Courtesan Hanazuma Reading a Letter from the series Beauties Compared to Flowers, Kitagawa Utamaro, 1790s
Study in a Wood, Daniel Huntington, 1861


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  3. Review/discussion site Squee & Snark is, I’m afraid, somewhat defunct at this point.
    I dearly want to rejuvenate it (and really, all I need for that is a couple of other people who want to read/comment/suggest regularly), but it looks like it’ll still be some time before I can put in the regular effort to keep that ticking.

    In other news, I’ll definitely be writing my annual “favorite stories in F&SF” Twitter thread, but I need to get my Nov/Dec issue first :P

  4. Dark Matter Zine is (largely) a review site as well as having interviews. I’ve reviewed quite a few SFF books (fantasy https://www.darkmatterzine.com/category/fantasy/; spec fic https://www.darkmatterzine.com/category/science-fiction/) this year as well as some screen stuff.

    Lately, I’ve been commenting particularly on social justice issues: representation of women and minorities, especially disability, etc. I’d love to see some of my favourites get noticed. My ‘diversity’ category is here https://www.darkmatterzine.com/category/diversity/ for people to browse. Please note: poor representation of minorities may or may not be included (if I feel a book is really bigoted, I sometimes forget). Equally, inclusion in this category does not mean the representation is good, it just means I remembered to tick that box for that thing that represented diversity. It’s best to read the reviews.

    And remember, I read Andromeda Evolution so you don’t have to, if you don’t like racist and ableist tropes. :-)

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  6. Hi! Here’s my 2019 F&SF appreciation/recommendation thread:

    (I had to wait SO LONG for my Nov/Dec issue to show up, and when it did arrive, it was soaking wet :-/
    …still good stories, though!)