Recommendations: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Film and Otherwise

I’m still catching up – I’m always catching up – on short fiction, movies and life in general. Some recommendations of the speculative fiction variety are Golden Lilies by Aliette de Bodard, a lovely fiction piece on the practice of foot-binding over at Fantasy Magazine, and Mammals Underfoot! An Interview with Emerging Writers by Jeff VanderMeer over at Clarkesworld Magazine.

Also related to speculative fiction, I recommend you support Ralan during his annual September fund raising drive. If you’re even remotely interested in writing and publishing speculative fiction, you should regularly be checking Ralan’s site for new markets, market updates, and other tips. And if you are checking the site regularly, you should also be supporting it – it’s only fair, after all.

In the less related to spec-fic realm, I highly recommend watching Tropic Thunder. When I first saw the previews, I have to admit, I thought it was the worst idea ever. I grew steadily more intrigued, read several reviews that convinced me I really needed to watch it, and was not disappointed. It’s meta, self-referential, self-mocking, and really much better than its advertising made it seem. It’s another one of those movies that I fear fell prey to mis-marketing in theaters, but will hopefully find its audience through word of mouth on DVD.

Finally, totally unrelated to anything really, I recommend visiting the city of Boston. After years of passing through it on the way to Cape Cod, I actually spent time in the city over the Labor Day weekend. It’s a wonderful city for random walking and exploration. It’s particularly great if you enjoy history, seafood, architecture, and old, elaborate gravestones, which I do.

Boston Grave

If you get the chance to spend time in the city, be sure to sample the dining and the gorgeous views at Top of the Hub Restaurant. Otherwise, just wander. I know I missed plenty, but it strikes me as the kind of city where you’ll find something worth seeing around almost every corner. I definitely plan to go back to explore the things I didn’t get to see, including attractions in the surrounding area, like the Salem Witch Museum and Edward Gorey’s House…combined with a trip to Readercon, perhaps?

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