Evil in Technicolor Giveaway!

Evil in Technicolor CoverVampires! Ancient sunken temples! Mist-wrapped moors! Monster team-ups! Evil in Technicolor edited by Joe M. McDermott and published by Vernacular Books in October 2020 has it all, offering up an anthology packed with original novelettes putting new twists on classic monsters inspired by Hammer horror films. Contributors include E. Catherine Tobler, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Nick Mamatas, Craig Laurence Gidney, and more. The anthology also includes my own contribution “A Thousand Faces Minus One”, which combines Hammer horror movies with the music of Kate Bush to tell the story of a man haunted by his past who grows increasingly paranoid and begins to believe that the haunting is literal.

Kirkus gave the anthology a starred review, and included it on its list of Best Indie Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal Books of 2020.

Intrigued? You’re in luck. Now’s a chance to grab a copy of your very own! I have three e-book copies of the anthology to give away, and I’d love to send you one. Saunter on down to the comments and tell me about your favorite movie monster, Hammer horror or otherwise. It could be a classic like Dracula, a relative newcomer like the Babadook, or you could tell me about a monster you’d love to see realized on the big screen who hasn’t gotten their turn in the spotlight yet.

Comment between now and Saturday, February 13, 2021, and on Sunday, I’ll pick three winners to receive a copy of this excellent anthology. Get to it!

ETA: Thank you to everyone who entered. The random number generator has declared Miriam Tessmer, Jennifer Crow, and Martha Linbo-Terhaar the winners. A copy of the anthology is on its way to each of you!


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7 Responses to Evil in Technicolor Giveaway!

  1. Christina Corvus

    Um… I love all the monsters! Frankenstein’s monster holds a special place in my heart, vampires are sex incarnate, … I could go on, let’s just suffice it to say I’m here for monsters!

  2. Frankenstein. I saw the Boris Karloff movie when I was five, on the WUTV Eight O’Clock Movie. They used to show the same movie the next night at five o’clock, which was great because it meant I got to see it twice. The very first story I remember writing was a re-telling Frankenstein, which I typed out and the 1st grade teacher hung on the classroom wall. I really feel like all my creative works were sparked by the story of Frankenstein.

  3. Martha Linbo-Terhaar

    I’d have to say King Kong. That movie always makes me cry.

  4. Jennifer Crow

    The mummy is my favorite (though it’s a close call). Imagine waking up and finding yourself in the wrong time, trying to put the past to rights.

  5. Dracula, especially Coppola’s Dracula. I loved it.

  6. Miriam Tessmer

    I love the monster who is, in fact, not the monster whereas it’s the humans who are exposed as true monsters. That said- as much as I love the original Interview with the Vampire movie, I’d love to see Anne Rice’s Vampire Series get a zillion dollar adaptation. Those vampires were so rich and complex!!

  7. I adore a good monster story. From Kaiju to the Black Lagoon to the long-dead buried in the desert, I’ve long cheered for the monsters (or even those who fought them.) In the name of tentacles from beyond or human giving way to their baser instincts, it’s all about horror in technicolor!

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