Bad Things, Dead Things

Sad things have to happen, sometimes. So says Emiliana Torrini, whose song Dead Things is the suggested musical accompaniment to my story Under the Leaves in the current issue of Sybil’s Garage.

Sybil's Garage

I’m in pretty damned good company, too. You can check out the full table of contents, and even purchase a copy of your very own here.

Under the Leaves was the first story I submitted to the in-person workshop/writer’s group I’m part of. My favorite piece of feedback that I received were the scribbled words, Zombie, Argh!, mostly because they were indicative of the group reaction as a whole. Exactly one person understood that my story was about a zombie. I figure that if I’m going to write about zombies, they should at least be atypical ones. Sometimes, being misunderstood isn’t such a bad thing.

Enjoy this small preview, then run out and buy a copy of your very own.



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4 Responses to Bad Things, Dead Things

  1. amy

    Well, okay, fine, then. I will.

  2. You *are* the highly suggestible type!

  3. amy

    I AM the highly suggestible type!

    My copy has not arrived yet. :( :( :(

  4. Oh. Have you tried yelling at it? Or possibly looking in your shoes?