Summer of Love: Days of No Love

The past few days have been cloudy, threatening storms that never quite happen, but offering rain instead. While this is good news for the grass, and my sanity (I no longer feel the need to scream at the sun), it’s bad news for trying to snap photos of people in the fountain. Two days in a row, and no one here but us pigeons…

Summer of Love

In other good news/bad news, I found out yesterday that my short story ‘A Mouse Ran Up the Clock’ made the long list for Best American Fantasy Vol. 4….in an announcement about the series being canceled. The list is posted here, if you’re looking for some short fantasy fiction recommendations, and the official announcement about the series is here.

The demise of the series saddens me for reasons beyond the incredibly slim chance that I might have made the final cut for the anthology. Among the year’s best/best of breed of anthologies, Best American Fantasy aimed for and achieved something different. It blurred genre lines, and sought out fiction in markets that many genre readers may have missed. If you haven’t read the three existing volumes, they are definitely worth seeking out.


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  1. Congratulations on making the long list (with such a great story, too – so don’t discount the fact that you would’ve made the final!).

    Pictures are great, by the way. :)

  2. Thanks and thanks! Even being that close to the anthology, which is still a long way off, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

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