February? I may have temporarily fallen into a black hole. It’s okay. It got better.

Despite passing in a blur, it was a good month. There was a gathering of…we need a name, so I’m going to say…the Victory Writers’ Group. Food, beer, and stories, it’s hard to go wrong. I may have even wrangled a half-decent piece of flash fiction out of one of the prompts, we’ll see.

There was a visit by good friends, who we don’t see often enough, but we have a fantastic time with them every time we manage to get together. The visit included a trip to the UPenn Museum to see mummies. The exhibit included a section devoted to Xiaohe Mudi, also known as Small River Cemetery Number 5, which may be one of the most bizarre burial grounds ever. They could have focused the whole exhibit on that, and I would have been happy. The visit also included an attempted trip to the Mercer Museum, which was closed due to a power outage, and an successful trip to the Fonthill Museum.


Fonthill is essentially a concrete castle built by a madman, because he could. If you are anywhere near the Doylestown area, I highly recommend a visit. May I have a crazy castle, too, please?

Aside from museums, there was a craft show, much good food, tv watching, Ninja Burger, Small World, and a healthy amount of Marvel vs. Capcom. Good fun.

And finally, there’s this – Jabberwocky is now a beautifully designed online magazine. My short story, The Poet’s Child, appears in the inaugural issue, which accompanies the dead-tree release of Jabberwocky 5.

Now, onwards, upwards, and March-wards.

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