Feed Me, Seymour

The friends who visited recently left me with two bookshelves, one of which is very large, both of which are very empty. This cannot be allowed to stand. So tell me…what books should I acquire in order to fill them?

Yes, I have a massive book-buying “problem”. Yes, my to-read list is already huge. But that’s never stopped me before. So, again, tell me…what should I be reading? What books do you consider must-haves, and why? New releases, old favorites, I’m not picky. Tell me a bit about a book you love and help me make my new bookshelves feel less empty and lonely.

Feel free to comment here, or on LJ.

Tangentially related to my compulsive desire to own more books, I’m toying with the idea of trying to coordinate another book exchange. Why wait until All Hallow’s Read rolls around again? With the weather slowly starting to warm up, perhaps exchanging our idea of the ideal summer read might be fun? (Note, things contrary to the typical “light summer reading” or “beach book” would be strongly encouraged.) Any takers? Other suggestions for a book exchange theme are also welcome!


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  1. amy

    I just read and enjoyed Patrick Rothfussse’es”s Name of the Wind. And he just released the next in the series. Other people seem to like it, but I should still disclaim about how I’m a bookwhore and will read anything.

  2. Didn’t I recommend that one to you? I certainly meant to! I loved the first book, and I’m very much looking forward to reading the second one.

  3. Ah, summer. The season when I saw Star Wars, Buck Rogers, and so many other sci-fi summer blockbusters. So like, what about a “summer movie” theme? Space opera, monster movies (do they make kaiju novels?), etc etc.

  4. Oh! Forgot, recommendation. I’m listening to Iain Banks’ Surface Detail. Great writing, great story, great world building. Think I’m going to go on a Culture novel kick.

    Oh, and: China Mieville’s take on space opera is out soon, and cat valente has a Soviet fantasy mashup called Deathless that I’m excited about.

  5. China Mieville has another book coming out already? Does he ever sleep? I’m super-excited about Deathless!

    I like the idea of summer blockbuster-inspired books for a summer book exchange. Maybe some sort of double feature or serial type thing. Hmmmm….