Final Girl Theory

Everyone knows the opening sequence of Kaleidoscope. It’s the most famous two and a half minutes ever put on film. But what about the rest of the movie? You can tell a lot about a person by their favorite scene. What’s yours? It’s been a couple of years since Jackson Mortar tried to scrub every mention of Kaleidoscope from the web, but nobody’s heard from him in quite a while, so, come on, you can tell me. You won’t be opening yourself up to a “Mortar Attack”. If Jackson is still around, he’s gone way underground. It’s safe. So tell me…. What’s your favorite scene? How many times have you seen Kaleidoscope? Do you remember your first time? (They say everyone remembers their first time.) What are your favorite rumors? What do you think about the final girl theory? What would you say if you ever got the chance to meet Carrie Linden? Share your favorite Kaleidoscope stories, memories, and theories – let’s give the movie the attention it deserves!


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7 Responses to Final Girl Theory

  1. cymry

    that is a marvelous, haunting, and deeply disturbing story.

  2. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

  3. amy

    Doh. I had this open in a tab to read, and now it’s evidently expired! Curse my procrastination. :(

  4. Yeah. I didn’t realize until recently it wouldn’t be archived, sorry.

  5. Alex

    I listend to the story on the pseudopod podcast. I wonder. Is this an actual movie? That or is it a story made up to be put into a story? If its a real movie i would love to watch it.

  6. Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending who you ask), Kaleidoscope is not a real movie. There are several movies sharing that name, but none starring Carrie Linden. Thanks for dropping by, and for listening to the podcast.

  7. HorrorFan121

    A fantastic little piece of narrative. Have just recently read the history on the movie “Manos: The Hands of Fate”, your story really struck a chord. It would have been great to wiki up a fake page for the movie, I for one was googling for more info.