You Never Forget Your First Time

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Otherwise, I would like to direct your attention to The Day the Pod Landed by Jeff Cross over at Redstone Science Fiction. It’s his first published story, and it’s damned good, so you should read it. I was lucky enough to be a first reader, which means I have a particular fondness for the story, but even if I hadn’t been, I’d still recommend it. Giant mechs and hostile corporate takeovers – what’s not to like?

There’s nothing quite like your first acceptance letter. There’s nothing quite like seeing your name in print for the first time. I’m so happy for Jeff that he’s getting to experience those firsts right now. Published authors – tell me about your first time?


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6 Responses to You Never Forget Your First Time

  1. Thank you, Ali, and again thank you for all your help & for being a generally awesome reader & friend!

  2. Of course! I’m always happy to read your work!

  3. Chris

    I liked the story too, Jeff. Made me think of Roller Ball a little. It’s not that far fetched. Corporations are really the ones making war today. Gone all unmanned drones and black op.

    My first SF sale was to COSMOS back in 2007. Acceptance was exciting. Still is (have sold 3 to Redstone now). The publication process is fun and sometimes harrowing. But I always find actual publication to be a bit anticlimactic. Like then it’s over. Really it’s the writing that does it.

  4. Chris – I completely agree with you! Publication is obviously fantastic, but it does frequently seem to be followed with a sense of “now what?”. The writing, and the anticipation of how that writing will be received is usually far more intense.

  5. We were quite excited to publish Jeff’s story, and count ourselves lucky to have gotten to him first.

  6. Paul – I must say, you guys have fantastic taste! Jeff’s story is wonderful.