Award Eligible Work

There’s really no subtle, or non-awkward way to do this, at least not if you’re me. I’m not, as they say, smooth or debonair. So here’s the deal. I wrote a bunch of stuff, which was published in 2011. In fact, if you scroll down a bit, you’ll find a post detailing said stuff. Being that it was published in 2011, it’s eligible for various and sundry awards, and most of it you can currently find in print or online. Except for Final Girl Theory (and isn’t that just the way Jackson Mortar would want it?). A one-man quest to erase Kaleidoscope can only go so far, though. Final Girl Theory will be reprinted in The Best Horror of the Year Volume Four later this year, and podcast at Pseudopod in June (and can’t you just imagine how Jackson will squirm?).

But the point is, it’s not available now, and I’ve noticed a fair number of search hits landing here, presumably looking for it. Furthermore, the story has gone and got itself on the 2011 Locus Recommended Reading List, which means one could theoretically vote for it for the Locus Awards. It’s hard to vote for something that isn’t currently accessible (as hard as building a cult following for a non-existent movie). So, the non-debonair-and-smooth bottom line is, if you’re interested in obtaining a copy of Final Girl Theory for award consideration, I’m happy to make one available. Drop me a line at a.c.wise at, and I’ll send one your way.

(Passed from hand to hand, person to person, whispered in the dark, the way it should be.)

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