In Your Soul Are Infinitely Precious Things

My autographed Anansi Boys preview brochure arrived in the mail today. This is primarily interesting (beyond the obvious) in that it appears to be signed in blood. In reality, of course, I’m sure that this is an illusion created by some rich and deeply colored ink that just happens to have dried to an ominous reddish brown. Surely a man whose waking life contains wonders beyond most mortals’ dreams wouldn’t be so careless as to sign away his soul where it could fall into just anyone’s hands. However, should it turn out that this is more than a mere trick of the light and I have in fact come into possession of Mr. Gaiman’s soul, I promise to treat it with the utmost respect. Such a rare artifact will be reserved strictly for parties, special occasions, or those times when I find myself in dire need of my very own lap-panda. And should its rightful owner ever ask for said soul back, I promise to even have it carefully cleaned before its return.

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