Review Policy

I review short fiction at Apex Magazine, long and short fiction by female authors and non-binary authors at The Book Smugglers, and I occasionally review whatever strikes my fancy here on my blog. As such, I’m willing to consider material for possible review on a case-by-case basis.

A few notes/guidelines:

At this time, I am only considering speculative fiction – sci fi, fantasy, horror, slipstream, or non-fiction directly related to the same. The speculative element can be light, but it must be present.

I strongly prefer physical review copies.

Opinions expressed in my reviews are solely my own.

I cannot guarantee a review of any work sent to me.

If I do accept a work for review, I cannot necessarily guarantee a review by a specific date.

I am primarily interested in work by female authors, non-binary authors, LGTBQIA+ authors, authors of color, authors with disabilities, and authors from other marginalized groups.

Work need not be recent, or pre-release. I am happy to consider ARCS or published material, and both older and newer work.

I am willing to consider novels, novellas, novelettes, collections, and anthologies, again, with a preference for work by female authors and non-binary authors.

If you are an author, editor, or publisher with work you think I might be interested in, and which fits the general guidelines above, feel free to query me at a.c.wise [at] If you have any questions, I welcome them at the same address.