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Award Eligible Work 2018

In the spirit of practicing what I preach, I’ve assembled here a list of my own eligible work for 2018. In addition to all the usual awards (Nebula, Hugo, etc.), as a Canadian, I’m also eligible for the Prix Aurora Awards.

Short Fiction

A Moment Before Breaking (~7,900 words) published in The Devil and the Deep

In the End, It Always Turns Out the Same (~3,600 words) published in The Dark

With One Tongue (~3,800 words) published in Augur Magazine Issue 1.2

Words in an Unfinished Poem (~7,200 words) published in Sword and Sonnet

The Time Traveler’s Husband (~4,200 words) published in Shimmer Magazine #46


Words for Thought, a regular column published at Apex Magazine

Women to Read, a regular column published at The Book Smugglers

Non-Binary Authors to Read, a regular column published at The Book Smugglers

Mother Knows Best, a one-time essay published at Nightmare Magazine

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What Have You Done? What Have You Loved? 2018 Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or is that the most nerve wracking? It’s the beginning of award season in SFF world, kicked off by the opening of the Nebula Award nomination period.

As I have done every year for the past few years, I am assembling here a links post compiling various awards eligibility posts from authors, editors, and publishers, along with recommendation posts, and links to various review sites. The goal is to help folks remember what was published this year, or catch work they might have missed. If you are an author/editor/publisher/reader with a post of your own, please let me know! Drop a note in the comments, reach out on twitter (@ac_wise), or send an email to a.c.wise[at]hotmail.com. I update this post regularly and try to keep it in folks’ minds throughout award nomination season, so do check back often!

If you’re in doubt about whether or not you should make an eligibility post – do it! Self-promotion can feel squirmy and awkward, but it’s incredibly useful to those who nominate to know what works are out there, and what category they fall into. You’re doing people a service, so please, please, please, post and share! Now, on to the links, which are broken down by category and organized alphabetically by last name.

Eligibility Posts

Anderson, G.V.

Apex Magazine

Apparition Lit

Bangs, Elly

Beck, Rachel

Bolander, Brooke

Booth, Ruth EJ

Camp, Bryan

Cato, Beth

Charette, Stephanie

Chng, Joyce

Criley, Marc

Crilly, Brandon

Czerneda, Julie

Daley, Raymond

Dandenell, Karl

Dawson, J.R.

Day, Julie C.

Donnelly, Lizz

Donohue, Jennifer R.

Douglas, Carol Ann

Dovey, Matt

Drayden, Nicky

Edelman, Scott

Feldman, Stephanie

Fiyah Magazine

Fogg, Vanessa

Forest, Susan

Gallery of Curiosities

Garcia, R.S.A.

Greenblatt, A.T.

Gower, Jasmine

Grigsby, Sean

Griswold, Amy

Harris, Nin

Haskins, Maria

Heartfield, Kate

Heijndermans, Joa

Inklings Press

Kania, Kathryn

Kunsken, Derek

Kurella, Jordan

Lewis, L.D.

Li, Mina

Liburd, Tonya

Lundoff, Catherine

MacNutt, Toby

Malik, Joseph

Manuel, Keith

Martine, Arkady

Maxwell, Matt

Mead-Brewer, K.C.

Mohamed, Premee

Moher, Aidan

Moore, L.H.

Morrison, Diane

Nikel, Wendy

Novakova, Julie

O’Dell, Claire

Ogle, L’Erin

Oghaegbu, Chimedum

O’Reilly, Finbar

Payseur, Charles

Rakunas, Adam

Rappaport, Jenny Rae

Reardon, Matthew

Robson, Kelly

Rossman, Jennifer Lee

Rowat, Frances

Rowland, Alexandra

Royce, Eden

Rustad, A. Merc

Sabet, Amman

Sanford, Jason

Santiago, Gabriela

Schoffstall, John

Seiberg, Effie

Sjunneson-Henry, Elsa

Stone, Hayley

Stufflebeam, Bonnie Jo

Teffeau, Lauren C.

Toase, Steve

Tobler, E. Catherine

Tomaras, Joseph

Tomlinson, Patrick

Triantafyllou, Eugenia

Valentinelli, Monica

Vourvoulias, Sabrina

Wallis, Wren

Wanak, LaShawn

Wasserstein, Izzy

Wehm, Darusha

Wilde, Fran (And a bonus thread specific to non-fiction work.)

Wiswell, John

Worrad, James

Yap, Isabel

Recommended Reading/Favorites Fiction

Amazon Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2018 (So Far)

Barnes and Noble Best SFF of 2018

Barnes and Noble Bookseller’s Picks for 2018

British Science Fiction Association Recommended Reading List (Crowd-sourced. Add your own recommendations!)

Earl Grey Editing’s Recommended Reading

Maria Haskins Recommended Reading

Hugo Spreadsheet (Crowd-sourced. Add your own recommendations!)

Hugo Wikia (Crowd-sourced. Add your own recommendations!)

Kirkus Reviews Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2018

Latinx Authors Database 2018

Library Journal’s Best Books of 2018

NPR’s Best Books of 2018

New York Public Library’s Best Books of 2018

Paste Magazine’s Best YA of 2018

Jason Sanford Best Short SFF January – June 2018

Elsa Sjunneson-Henry’s Recommended Reading

SFWA Recommended Reading List (Crowd-sourced. SFWA members, add your own recommendations!)

Tiptree Award Recommended Reading List (Note: not all recommended works are 2018.)

E. Catherine Tobler’s Favorites of 2018

Tor.com Reviewer’s Choice Best Books of 2018

Tor.com Best Comics of 2018

Review Sites and Resources

The links in this section point to ongoing sites/columns etc. that review work throughout the year. Note, not all work reviewed is published in 2018, so double-check its eligibility before nominating.

Antler Review (monthly reviews, short fiction, long fiction, non-fiction, etc.)

Fiction Unbound (various)

Forest of Glory (short fiction)

In Short (short fiction)

It’s a Jumble (short and long fiction)

Kirkus SFF Blog (short and long fiction)

Lady Business (short fiction, long fiction, media, fan works, etc.)

Locus Online (short and long fiction)

Nerds of a Feather (long fiction, media, comics, etc.)

Non-Binary Authors to Read (short and long fiction, not all 2018 titles)

Otherwordly/NY Times (long fiction)

Quick Sip Reviews (primarily short fiction, some longer works)

Reading the End (various)

Reviews and Robots (various lengths)

Robots with Keyboards
(monthly lists of favorite short fiction)

Salute Your Shorts (monthly short fiction round-ups/reviews)

SFF Reviews (short fiction)

Skiffy and Fanty
Squee and Snark (short fiction)

Strange Horizons Reviews (short fiction, long fiction, media, etc.)

Tor.com (short fiction, long fiction, media, etc.)

Women to Read (short and long fiction, not all 2018)

Words for Thought (short fiction)

X Marks the Story (short fiction)

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