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Sunday Pimpfest IV

My first bit of pimpage for the week is somewhat bittersweet. Well, more bitter than sweet, actually. Robin’s Bookstore, Philadelphia’s oldest independent bookstore, is closing for good at the end of this year. In addition to being a wonderful bookstore, they hosted lots of great author events over the years, including the Philly Fantastic reading series. If you’re local to the Philadelphia area, or planning on visiting before year-end, I highly recommend a visit to the store before it’s gone for good. They’re having a huge going out of business sale, too. After all, you can never own too many books…

And while I’m pimping local bookstores, I would be remiss not to mention Between Books in Delaware and the newly-reopened Doylestown Bookshop. They have books. They want to sell them to you. They also host wonderful author events. Support them! Love them! Did I mention the books? They have them. You should acquire them. There’s still a little bit of free space on your bookshelf. Don’t pretend otherwise.

And finally, to round out the pimpfest, a round-up of Next Big Thing posts from the folks I tagged to talk about their works in progress:

Author, editor, and Rock Band Queen Fran Wilde talks about her novel Bone Arrow, Glass Tooth.

Author, editor, and occasional superhero/villain Carrie Cuinn talks about her novel Bloom.

Author, and landscaper/zombie hunter Lee Thompson talks about his novel She Collects Grave Nectar.

Author, teacher, and general bad influence Greg Frost talks about his novel Dark House.


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Still Life

My story, Still Life, is now online at Daily Science Fiction! The first taste is free…

Here is Doll at five years old. She’s sitting rigid and silent in the closet, hoping Henry and Jakey will forget she’s there. They’re fighting about her.

…and, as it so happens, the rest is free, too, and you can read it right here.

Since we’re talking about fiction, at least I am, I’ll also mention I recently heard the good news that one of my stories, Venice Burning, will be included in the upcoming Future Lovecraft anthology from Innsmouth Press. It should be out  in December 2011, just in time for several holidays. Remember, nothing says joyous celebration like the coming of the Old Ones.

Finally, a reminder that I’ll be taking part in a group reading with other Dark Quest Books authors tomorrow at Between Books in Claymont, Delaware. We’ll be reading, signing, and we’re generally friendly people. If you happen to be in the area, drop by and say hi. We don’t bite, unless you ask us to. The event is from 3-6pm. I’ll be reading from the Trans-Siberian, which appears in the anthology In an Iron Cage: The Magic of Steampunk. Hope to see you there!

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