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The Journal of Unlikely Entomology is evolving, or undergoing a metamorphoses, if you will. (See what I did there?) What exactly does a bugzine evolve into, you might well ask. Good question! It evolves in a vast, sprawling empire of Unlikely Stories! Okay, maybe it’s not vast or sprawling yet, but we are growing, and world domination can’t be far behind! (Did I say that last part out loud? Sorry. Nothing to see here. Just a bit giddy.)

As I was saying, the Journal of Unlikely Entomology is evolving into Unlikely Story. You can read the full announcement for yourself of course, but here are the highlights:

Starting with Issue # 6, we’re increasing our pay rates to 5cents/word! Issue #6 is currently open to submissions, and the updated guidelines can be found here.

Next up, we’re launching The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography, which will open to submissions starting July 1, 2013.

There will be other changes as time goes on, including a shiny new website, new themed issues, and the aforementioned world domination, so stay tuned! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email, or ask away in the comments. In the meantime, spread the word and keep those stories coming for Issue #6!



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The Journal of Unlikely Architecture

I’m thrilled to announce the Table of Contents for the first non-buggy venture of the Journal of Unlikely Entomology – The Journal of Unlikely Architecture. The issue will be published in August, but feel free to start looking forward to these unlikely architectural tales now.

The Three Adventures of Simon the Elder by Daniel Ausema

Go Through by Alma Alexander

The Painted Bones by Kelly Simmons

The Latest Incarnation of Secondhand Johnny by Mark Rigney

The Dross Record by Matthew Timmins

The Tower by Kelly Lagor

Geddarien by Rose Lemberg

While you eagerly await the new issue, why not catch up on the fantastic and buggy stories in Issue #5, which we published in May? And while we’ll be hard at work putting together the new issue, we remain open to submissions for our next regular issue, Issue #6, which will be published in November 2013. Keep those buggy stories coming our way, and stay tuned for announcements about exciting upcoming changes at the Journal soon!


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Sunday Pimpfest VI

First up on the pimping block (I imagine it’s like a chopping block, but with less meat cleavers), Patrick Rothfuss is gearing up for his annual Worldbuilders fundraising extravaganza. At the moment he’s looking for donations of books, geeky crafts, and other fun things that might entice people to donate to Worldbuilders. Not that you should need enticing to support a good cause, but it’s even better when there’s cool shit to be won, too. Worldbuilders supports Heifer International, an incredible organization whose mission is to end world hunger and poverty by promoting sustainable practices that give struggling families and communities the means to feed and support themselves. Even if you’re not into the whole Worldbuilders thing, Heifer is worth your time.

Second, Halloween is only a few days away, which means there’s still time to participate in All Hallows Read. I could explain it, but you should really click on the link and let Neil Gaiman explain it instead. He has a British accent, so it’ll sound much nicer. I tried to organize my own little All Hallows Read book exchange a few years back. I think it was a success. I’ve been far too disorganized to put another one together since, but I still think it’s a fantastic idea. In fact, if you’re lazy like me, may I suggest a virtual book exchange in the comments? Recommend a scary or unsettling book, and I’ll seek it out my own damn self. No legwork on your part required! For my part, I shall suggest The Drowning Girl: A Memoir by Caitlin R. Kiernan. If you haven’t read it, you owe it to yourself to do so, post haste!

Last, but not least, I point you toward a call for submissions for The Flesh Made Word. This anthology of erotica about writing will be published by Circlet Press, and it being edited by my esteemed Journal of Unlikely Entomology co-editor, Bernie Mojzes. It’s going to be a wonderful anthology, so send a story his way. You know you wanna.

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The Grump Report

We’ve been busy over at the Journal of Unlikely Entomology. First off, we’ve wrapped up our selections for Issue #4, and we were delighted to officially unveil the ToC. Come November, we’ll present the following buggy tales for your reading pleasure:

The Famous Fabre Fly Caper by Matthew Bennardo
Deep Dark by Jonathan Maberry
The Candy Aisle by Joanne Merriam
Invasives by Sunny Morraine
In Your Own Backyard by Michael D. Winkle

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know what comes before 4 is 3.5, and if you haven’t read our third-and-a-half issue, you really should. It recently picked up a nice review at Locus Online, but to paraphrase Levar Burton, you don’t have to take their word for it. Go check it out for yourself! (And if you’re so inclined, let us know what you think.)

In case you missed our various announcements, we’re currently reading for our special one-off architecture issue. We’re looking for tales of odd buildings, unlikely cities, strange towers, and weird tunnels. Basically, if you build it, they will come. (I don’t know who they are, but I’m all about the quoting and paraphrasing tonight.) Which is to say, if you have an architectural story, please send it our way. While we’re reading for the architecture issue, we, of course, remain open to regular submissions, and we’re looking for art submissions for all our issues, too.

Finally, I have it on good authority that sometime in the near(ish) future, we’ll have fabulous entomologically-themed merchandise for sale! Including, but not limited to, products featuring the gorgeous cover art from our ‘hello, world’ mini issue. Stay tuned! But for now, that’s all the grumpish news that’s fit to print.

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The Journal of Unlikely Entomology

It is my pleasure to announce a new online market for short fiction. The Journal of Unlikely Entomology will open for submissions on January 1, 2011, with the first issue slated to appear in June 2011. Our submission guidelines can be found here, and our blog, which will eventually have news and updates about the journal, can be found here. Feel free to spread the word.


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