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Feeding My Addiction

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. Of course, it doesn’t do much good if you’re unable, or unwilling, to move beyond step one. I’m not proud of myself. Oh, wait…yes I am!

The craving struck me this morning, as it often does, to go book shopping. Naturally, I gave in immediately. This is the result.


Believe it or not, this is me practicing restraint. There were easily three or four more books I could have walked out with, but I didn’t. The books I chose, of course, were not only necessary, but perfectly justified. (shut up)

I’ve been eagerly awaiting The Domino Men since reading The Somnambulist. I’m contractually obligated to support my fellow Canadians, plus I resisted buying The Mystery of Grace in hardcover, so that means I deserve it now that it’s in paperback. This is The Very Best of Fantasy and Science Fiction. The. Very. Best. Enough said. Not only is The Best Horror of the Year 2 also The Best, it’s edited by Ellen Datlow, which makes it required reading. So there. (shut up)

And speaking of The Best Horror of the Year, Ms. Datlow was kind enough to give a shout-out to “A Mouse Ran Up the Clock” in her yearly summation. Woohoo!

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Author Readings and an Honorable Mention

I’m planning on attending the Philadelphia stop of Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard Book Tour, which got me thinking about author readings in general. I’ve been to relatively few – fewer than I would like certainly – and each was completely unique.

The first reading I ever attended was by Maya Angelou. It was part of distinguished speaker series, and it was held in a very large theater. My seat was far enough back that she was mostly a squidgy blur on the stage, but even so – wow. She probably could have read in a space twice that size and her voice still would have touched everyone in the room.

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