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Return to Dorian’s Parlor

Saturday night included another excursion to Dorian’s Parlor, the monthly steampunk event held at the Doubletree in Center City Philadelphia. There were no glow-stick sword fights this time, but there were fabulous costumes, daleks on the dj table, story tellers, a fashion show with zombies, and a stripper with a hula hoop. Drinks were consumed, pictures were taken, but not by me this time, and since the Gypsy Nomads were the headlining band this time, they played two sets, which is a very good thing.

In other news, Tangent Online reviewed Sybil’s Garage #7, and the reviewer had some very kind things to say about Under the Leaves. It seems, however, that the confusion over whether grandma is a ghost or a zombie is still alive and well, even if grandma herself isn’t.

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Dorian’s Parlor

I received a last-minute invitation to Dorian’s Parlor last night so, fighting my natural laziness, I threw on the only thing I had that remotely approximated steampunk/neo-victorian/retro fashion and headed into the city. After all, it’s not every day I get offered free tickets to a steampunk party. I’d heard of Dorian’s Parlor before, but never attended, and I have to say, it was tons of fun.

We were primarily there for The Gypsy Nomads. My friend, Steve, does photography work for them, so the free tickets came courtesy of them (thank you!) I’d never heard their work before, but I’m a converted fan after last night. There are samples of their songs available on their website – I highly recommend checking them out. My particular favorite is Yes! I’m French, and since it isn’t up as a sample, you’ll just have to buy their album to hear it. I promise, you won’t regret it.

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