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Apocalypse, Canadian Style

The moment Silvia Moreno-Garcia announced her anthology, Fractured: Tales of the Canadian Post Apocalypse, I knew I wanted to write something for it. I like Silvia’s work. I like the anthologies being published by Exile Editions. I like post-apocalyptic stories. And I’m Canadian. It seemed like a natural fit.


However, I have this little problem when I try to write stories specifically set in Canada – I trip myself up by making it too personal. Instead of authentically Canadian details woven smoothly into a story, I end up with rambling tangents that go nowhere, people and places and things all knotted up in a way that would only be interesting to me. I get a lot of half-finished tapestries that way.

True to pattern, the story I excitedly started for this anthology got stuck. I let it languish. But lo and behold, months later, when I’d all but given up inspiration struck. Driving back from a trip to the Southern U.S., a climate decidedly the opposite of Canada’s, I started thinking about Canadian mythology, and things that were quintessentially Canadian. I tried to find the Canadian equivalent of the Matter of Britain (Arthurian Legend) or the Matter of France (Charlemagne). I came up with Anne of Green Gables. I mean, what could be more Canadian?

Fractured: Tales of the Canadian Post-Apocalypse is now available. I hope you enjoy my odd little contribution. And if not, don’t fear. As you can see from the ToC below, I’m surrounded by an awesome amount of talent, so you’re sure to find something you love.

No Man is a Promontory, Hilary Janzen
Persistence of Vision, Orrin Grey
The Dome of St. Macaire, Jean-Louis Trudel
Kalopsia, E. Catherine Tobler
White Noise, Geoff Gander
Edited Hansard 116, Miriam Oudin
The Body Politic, John Jantunen
D-Day, T. S. Bazelli
Matthew, Waiting, A.C. Wise
Jenny of the Long Gauge, Michael Matheson
Snow Angel, A. M. Dellamonica
Keeper of the Oasis, Steve Stanton
Manitou-wapow, GMB Chomichuk
Saying Goodbye, Michael Pack
Of the Dying Light, Arun Jiwa
@shalestate, David Huebert
City Noise, Morgan M. Page
Brown Wave, Christine Ottoni
Ruptures, Jamie Mason
River Road, Amanda M. Taylor
Last Man Standing, Frank Westcott
Dog for Dinner, dvsduncan
Maxim Fujiyama and Other Persons, Claude Lalumière


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