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Sunday Pimpfest II

Monday is sort of like Sunday, right? Either way, it’s a good day for pimping. Allow me to point you to various things around the web that I think are awesome, and think you should know about as well.

The first two are two gorgeous short stories on a theme, hunting: Game by Maria Dahvana Headly, whose work is brilliant in general, and you should seek it out wherever you can, and Arrow by my friend, Barry King. He’s got a great post about how the story came to be, and its journey to seeing print, which you should read as well.

Moving away from fiction, or rather specific fiction, the Strange Horizons Fund Drive is up and running for 2012. Support a year of incredible fiction, and get a chance at some great prizes while you’re at it.

Finally, some fiction in support of a good cause. Another friend of mine, Fran Grote, will donate $1 to the American Cancer Society for every copy of her novel Fire in the Henhouse sold during the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month).

That’s it for this week. What fabulous things have you discovered lately that you want the world (or the small section of it that occasionally wanders by this blog) to know about?

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