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Steampunk World’s Fair

Last Saturday, I spent a lovely day at the Steampunk World’s Fair with my illustrious co-editor, Bernie Mojzes, and event-blogger and photographer extraordinaire, Steve Schultz. We arrived shortly before noon, and were greeted by none other than Jesus himself (aka Gil Cnaan), who informed us the Rapture would take place promptly at 6pm.  It didn’t, but we still had a wonderful time.

As one might expect a steampunk fair to be, the event was a chaos of things – incredible and elaborate costumes, cane fighting demonstrations, belly dancers, vendors, musicians, fashion shows, author readings, and, of course, absinthe. Being too dazzled by the oohprettyshiny, I didn’t think to take many pictures. I did however follow Steve around with a light on a stick and assist in his photographic efforts for a while. Some highlights of the experience below the cut.

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