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Typos and Twitter

There’s much talk in the general realm of the interwebs about how twitter can or cannot help you as an author. Let me tell you my story. I have been prompted to write three stories thanks to twitter, and I have sold two of those three. The sales, and the writing, were all due to indirect twitter interaction. I was not out there deliberately promoting my work. I was having conversations, and/or eavesdropping on other people’s conversations, and shit happened. (As it were.)

Your mileage may vary. Insane promotion may, or may not, work for you. This story isn’t really about the value of social media. It’s about the value of typos.

I committed a typo, and I shared it on a social media platform. People reacted. I was inspired. Said typo led to a story. Said story has now be published. Again, your mileage may vary.

The typo in question swapped psychopomps (a word) for psychopimps (not a word). It got me thinking about psychopomps specific to hookers. So, yeah.

But it became a serious story, which is now available in the current issue of Jabberwocky Magazine – a publication of which I’m particularly fond. These things may not have happened without the power of clumsy, typo-causing fingers, and twitter.

So let that be a lesson (or not) about the power of social media, and what it can (or cannot) do for you.

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Writing Wrap-Up: 2011 Edition

All in all, it was a pretty damned good year. I appear to have broken the cycle of only even-numbered years being good in terms of seeing my work in print (for definitions of print that include pixelated goodness). There was also an overall positive trend in the ongoing war of rejection vs. acceptance. I submitted less this year, which makes me feel like a huge slacker, but I did “complete” two novels, so that’s something. Self-pimping follows; if you’d prefer to skip ahead to the end, I won’t judge you.

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February? I may have temporarily fallen into a black hole. It’s okay. It got better.

Despite passing in a blur, it was a good month. There was a gathering of…we need a name, so I’m going to say…the Victory Writers’ Group. Food, beer, and stories, it’s hard to go wrong. I may have even wrangled a half-decent piece of flash fiction out of one of the prompts, we’ll see.

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The Jaws That Bite, The Claws That Catch!

Erzebet YellowBoy has posted the cover and TOC for Jabberwocky 5, which will be making its debut at World Fantasy at the end of this month. If you happen to be going, stop by and say hi to my story, it will be all alone and scared in a new city, even though it’s in very good company. Never fear, even if you’re not going to WFC, you’ll still be able to order a copy of your very own soon.

Oh, and just a friendly reminder that the KGB Fantastic Fiction raffle is officially open. Support wonderful fiction! Win fabulous prizes! Uh…just don’t buy too many tickets for the stuff I bought tickets for, kay? I don’t want you spoiling my chances.

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And the Mome Raths Feng Shui

So far, 2010 is starting out right. I just learned that my short story The Poet’s Child will be included in the fifth Jabberwocky anthology, due out from Prime Books in July 2010. Suh-weet!

And, yes, I realize that the mome raths actually outgrabe, but they probably also practice feng shui, too. You can’t prove that they don’t!


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