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Sunday Pimpfest

Sunday is a good day for pimpin’. I’m pretty sure that’s in the bible somewhere. Today, I’d like to bring your attention to several awesome things my friends are doing in various spots around the web. Heck, maybe I’ll even try to make this a weekly thing. Unless I get distracted. That never hap… Ooh! Look! Shiny!

First, there are only 62 hours left to support the Sword & Mythos IndieGoGo Campaign. Innsmouth Free Press wants to combine Sword & Sorcery with Mythos in an anthology that pays its contributors pro rates, and you want to help them. Why? Because Innsmouth Free Press are good folk. With this anthology, they’re taking genres which have historically been, to put it in the kindest terms, less than inclusive. (If we’re not being kind, we might go so far to say the roots of the genre are downright sexist, racist, and several other unpleasant ‘ists’ to boot.) The Sword and Mythos anthology will be full of kick-ass stories that prove even genres with narrow-minded roots can evolve into something incredible. Still not convinced? Well, you can earn some incredible rewards with your support, too, so go forth and donate!

Second, my Journal of Unlikely Entomology co-editor, Bernie Mojzes, has been posting installments of his serial novel, illustrated by Linda Saboe, every Sunday. Kudzu: A Novel is up to Book III, but the archives are still online, so you can go back to the beginning and catch up. Raccoons and kudzu in space! What more do you need to know? Go read it!

Last, but in no way least, the fabulous Fran Wilde of Cooking the Books fame, has a new story in the latest issue of Nature as part of their Futures series. It’s available both in print and online, and it’s lovely.

Oh, and as an extra bonus recommendation, I point you toward xkcd’s Click and Drag in case you’ve been living under a rock, and haven’t yet seen it. You’re welcome.

Now it’s your turn. What have you seen lately that you want to share with the world? Online, print, fiction, non-fiction, film, music, a ridiculous picture of a corgi, anything. Tell me what I’m missing that I absolutely need to know about.

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