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A Geek-tastic Weekend

This was a weekend for reveling in geekery. Last night we saw Curio Theater’s production of Twelfth Night. Aside from English Literature geekery, this particular production also featured gorgeous steampunk costumes (a fact which none of the promotion for the play seems to mention…what’s up with that?)

The actors did a wonderful job, the costumes were tons of fun, and the theater itself a beautiful old church with lovely stained glass and a big, ole pipe organ, which was used to great effect as part of the set. The staging was very minimal, using the natural space of the church, and adding a bit of scaffolding, but nothing else in terms of sets or backdrops. The actors (and the costumes) carried the whole production, and carried it well. If you happen to be in the Philadelphia area and dig steampunk, Shakespeare, or both, I highly recommend checking it out. There are only a few performances left, but an additional matinee was just added for next Saturday. If you still need convincing, go look at the pretty, pretty pictures excerpted from the program, shot by Kyle Cassidy, here.

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The Many Faces of Fandom

Kyle Cassidy has posted his photo gallery of fans from Worldcon/Anticipation. The pictures, as with all his work, are fabulous. Go check them out!

Speaking of fans, the fans of Strange Horizons are an incredibly awesome lot of people who have collectively donated over $13,000 towards the magazine. The fund drive will remain open until the end of the month, so there’s still time to donate if you want to support this wonderful source of free speculative fiction online.

And in reasonably unrelated news, DF Lewis, editor of the Nemonymous series, contributes to the 5th Estate website, discussing the series and the concept of anonymous anthologies in general.

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Con Artist

I attended my first ever Worldcon this past weekend. The following post will  be long and rambling. Consider yourself warned.

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Delightful Things for a Winter’s Eve

Being A Round-Up of Randomness Under a Different Name

Michael Swanwick writes a short story on a Jarful of Keys.

Sad and beautiful: An abandoned book warehouse in England.

Kyle Cassidy takes beautiful photographs. Just in general. Seriously, spend some time poking around his site. He’s got some wonderful pictures of the Philadelphia Poe reading (linked from his journal) and a very cool series of pictures of fantasy and science fiction authors in their creative spaces at whereiwrite. Authors writing and/or surrounded by books – if it isn’t a fetish, it should be.

And some recommended reading top it off.

Dreams of Elephants and Ice by Mari Ness

Keepity Keep by Carole Lanham

Invasive Species by Janni Lee Simner

The Four Hundred Thousand by Livia Llewellyn

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