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Book Exchange Redux

Back at the end of October I proposed participating in Neil Gaiman’s new holiday tradition of an All Hallow’s Eve book exchange, and some of you were kind enough to play along. So…how did it go? What did you get? What did you give? If you’ve read the book you received, what did you think? Should we do it again next year, and try to get more people to join in the fun? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments, or link to a post of your own, if you’re so inclined. My take below…

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Quoth the Raven


I went to the Poe reading at the German Society of Philadelphia yesterday. Edward Pettit, the Philly Poe Guy, gave a brief introduction on Poe’s work in Philadelphia, Ellen Datlow introduced the authors, and Gregory Frost, Laird Barron and John Langan each read a selection from their stories.

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Awards Adjacent

I was very pleased to find out today that +The Horror Library Volume 3+ made the preliminary ballot for the 2008 Stoker Awards – a big congratulations to everyone involved! Two of the individual stories, “Consumed” by Michael Louis Calvillo and “The Haven” by John Palisano also made it, so extra-congrats to them.  “The Lagerstatte” by Laird Barron made the list too, which makes me happy since it was one of my favorites from The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Good luck to everyone in making the final ballot.

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