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Delightful Things for a Winter’s Eve

Being A Round-Up of Randomness Under a Different Name

Michael Swanwick writes a short story on a Jarful of Keys.

Sad and beautiful: An abandoned book warehouse in England.

Kyle Cassidy takes beautiful photographs. Just in general. Seriously, spend some time poking around his site. He’s got some wonderful pictures of the Philadelphia Poe reading (linked from his journal) and a very cool series of pictures of fantasy and science fiction authors in their creative spaces at whereiwrite. Authors writing and/or surrounded by books – if it isn’t a fetish, it should be.

And some recommended reading top it off.

Dreams of Elephants and Ice by Mari Ness

Keepity Keep by Carole Lanham

Invasive Species by Janni Lee Simner

The Four Hundred Thousand by Livia Llewellyn

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