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Things (and Stuff!)

Listing a bunch of unrelated things is kind of like writing a proper post, right?

Thing One: Cern Zoo: Nemonymous Nine, which contains my short story, Mellie’s Zoo, is a finalist for the 2010 British Fantasy Awards. Woohoo!

Thing Two: Aliette de Bodard’s Memories in Bronze, Feathers, and Blood is a lovely story – you should go read it.

Thing the Third: Moon is a beautifully shot and well-acted movie – you should go watch it.

Thing the Last: Futurama is back from the dead, and the first episode of its newly zombified life premiers this Thursday at 10pm. Contrary to the alarming rumors that were floating around at some point, the original cast is back for the second go around. Drop what you’re doing and go set your DVR right now, or if you don’t have a DVR, cancel whatever plans you have, and watch the show real-time. If you don’t, it’ll make robot Jesus cry.

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Now It Can Be Told

The vow of secrecy surrounding Nemonymous Nine: Cern Zoo has officially been lifted. The full TOC will be revealed in March, but in the meantime you can check out the authors who have revealed their stories here on the official Cern Zoo page. And in the spirit of telling all, let it henceforth be known that my contribution to the anthology was Mellie’s Zoo. There. Don’t say I never tell you anything.

Speaking of Cern Zoo, congratulations to Steve Duffy, whose story from the anthology The Lion’s Den, was selected for The Year’s Best Horror #2.


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The Many Faces of Fandom

Kyle Cassidy has posted his photo gallery of fans from Worldcon/Anticipation. The pictures, as with all his work, are fabulous. Go check them out!

Speaking of fans, the fans of Strange Horizons are an incredibly awesome lot of people who have collectively donated over $13,000 towards the magazine. The fund drive will remain open until the end of the month, so there’s still time to donate if you want to support this wonderful source of free speculative fiction online.

And in reasonably unrelated news, DF Lewis, editor of the Nemonymous series, contributes to the 5th Estate website, discussing the series and the concept of anonymous anthologies in general.

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The Children of Ramah

My short story, The Children of Ramah, is now up at the newly-resurrected Dark Recesses Magazine.

The faces of the dead watched him from every window; blurred photographs, black and white smudges that showed too-pale skin and haunted shadows where eyes should be. A curtain stirred and a frightened hand pulled away as a fresh frame was set to gaze sightlessly out at the street. So many lost and so many dead, and in the end there was very little difference – the missing and the dead were too often the same.

Read the rest over at Dark Recesses. And while you’re over there, check out Chester by Benjamin Kane Ethridge – suitably creepy.

In unrelated news, Bibliophile Stalker has a brief review of Cern Zoo – rhymey rhymey!


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Anonymous Fame

Today’s oxymoron is brought to you by Nemonymous Nine: Cern Zoo, and the letter ‘Q’, why not? D.F. Lewis, editor of the Nemonymous, series is holding a contest in conjunction with the latest anonymous anthology. What’s in an name?  Immortality, of course! The individual who correctly matches the greatest number of authors to stories will have their name made famous, or infamous, in not one, not two, but all the stories in the next Nemonymous anthology. I really hope someone named Hortense Q. Whistlebottom wins. The contest runs until October 31, 2009.

Speaking of Cern Zoo, Matthew Fryer has a nice review of the anthology, designed to give readers a little taste of what the stories have in store. Does he mention my story? Did he like it? Wouldn’t you like to know.

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My Name is Guy Incognito

The anonymous anthology, Nemonymous Nine: Cern Zoo, which contains my story whose title I can’t tell you, is now available. Should you be so inclined, you can purchase it here on the nemonymous website. The concept of anonymous anthologies seems to be catching on. More about the trend can be found here and here.


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Nemonymously Yours

My short story [title removed and placed temporarily in the witness protection program] will appear in the upcoming Nemonymous anthology, tentatively titled Cern Zoo. For those not familiar with the Nemonymous series, each book is a collection of “anonymous” stories with the authors’ names being revealed in the following book. The past few volumes have listed the authors on a separate page, but not matched up to their story. You can read more about the series here and here. I’m excited to be stepping into the Nemonymous world!


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