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Philadelphia Gothic

At the Poe reading, Edward Pettit mentioned a term I hadn’t heard before – Philadelphia Gothic. There’s an exhibition currently on view at the Library Company of Philadelphia dedicated to the subject. In particular it focuses on three Philadelphia novelists, Charles Brockden Brown, Robert Montgomery Bird, and George Lippard.

Their work spawned a literary movement of “lurid crime, weird hallucination and the brooding supernatural”, growing out of the existing Gothic tradition, but with a more urban flair. Their work, in turn, inspired Edgar Allan Poe.

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Quoth the Raven


I went to the Poe reading at the German Society of Philadelphia yesterday. Edward Pettit, the Philly Poe Guy, gave a brief introduction on Poe’s work in Philadelphia, Ellen Datlow introduced the authors, and Gregory Frost, Laird Barron and John Langan each read a selection from their stories.

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More Randomness Rounded Up

Microscopic Beauty: Check out NewScientist’s Gallery of award-winning photographs from Nikon’s Small World contest. Most of the images are things not usually seen by the human eye; they’re a nice reminder of the wonder that can be found in the mundane and how amazing our world really is sometimes. I especially like the chick embryo and the mouse brain.

General Beauty: I keep meaning to post about Dark Roasted Blend. If you’ve never visited the site, you really should. They offer a consistently fascinating selection of weird and wonderful links and images. I know I could get lost for hours, just clicking through the galleries and galleries of photographs.

Win Stuff: A lottery is being held in support of The Shirley Jackson Awards. Luckily, instead of being stoned to death, the winners get nifty prizes. The lottery will be open from February 9 – 23rd. A listing of prizes and contest rules are available on the awardwebsite.

Celebrate Poe: In honor of Edgar Allan Poe’s Bicentennial and the newly-released anthology Poe: 19 New Tales Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, Laird Barron, Ellen Datlow, Gregory Frost and John Langan will be participating in a group reading at the German Society in Philadelphia on February 21, 2009. Event details and a link to the press release for the event can be found here. I’m looking forward to this!

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