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Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife

Shimmer21As part of my secret, not-so-secret, not-really-a-plan-plan to appear in as many issues of Shimmer as possible, I have once again snuck my work into its fine oages. Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife was published a few days ago in Issue #21. It’s not quite erotica, but well…it is inspired by a famous piece of erotic art from the 1800s, Hokusai’s woodblock print, The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife. (Image below the cut, in case you’re not into tentacle sexy times.)

If you’re curious how the story came to be, you can read my Shimmery author interview . I also wax poetic about poutine, and discuss my obsession with featuring bodies of water in my fiction. Or, if you prefer to skip straight to the good stuff, there’s a Shimmer Drinking Game in honor of Shimmer reaching drinking age. Once you’ve had a few Shimmery drinks, jump past the cut for the visual inspiration behind the story. Cheers!


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